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Kaliyev of the Kings needs more AHL seasoning

So much hype Los Angeles Kings These days surround their incredible prospect pool. Fans expect to see some of these prospects enter the lineup this season-the first prospect to do so is Arthur Kaliyev.After his brilliant performance in the American Hockey League (AHL) in the 2020-21 season, an impressive summer, and Some injuries for the Kings, Kaliyev earned himself a place on the team roster.

He is placed in the third row along with Gabe Vilardi and Vladimir Tkachev. Unfortunately, this line did not succeed and looked terrible at the beginning of the season. Of course, that line only played two games, but I don’t think they will find a chemical reaction, I think Kaliev will benefit from more AHL time. why is that.

Kaliyev’s NHL usage

Kaliyev can easily become my favorite prospect for the Kings, and perhaps no one would like to see him on the NHL roster more than him. However, I just want to see him play a role that really suits him. So far, that role is not suitable for him.After Anderson injured his lower body, he was asked to replace Lias Anderson in the third line. Put him on Injury reserve team.I think Kaliyev is a more talented player, but he just It doesn’t fit that line at all.

What Vilardi and Tkachev need is an outpost who can pick up the ball and play defensively responsible games. There were several positive aspects to Kaliyev’s game, but none of them involved a lot of forward-looking or excellent defense, which made him fit the hole on that line like a square nail.

Arthur Kaliyev was a former member of the Hamilton Bulldogs. (Photo: Aaron Bell/OHL Images)

I want to make it clear that I don’t think the problems he encountered are all his fault. I think it is unfair to ask a player, especially a young player, to take on a role he is not suitable for. I have similar feelings about the disappointment of Verady as a second-line center last season; if I think they are placed in a situation of failure, I don’t want to blame them for their poor performance. Kaliyev is not suitable for the bottom six, energy forward type role, and should not be asked to play it. Since this is the only role available in the team’s lineup, it is best to send him off the field and let him develop further in a more natural role in Ontario.

Kaliyev’s positives and negatives in AHL

I think the benefits of sending Kaliyev off the court are obvious-allowing him more time on the ice in roles that are more suitable for players. I believe that giving him more time on the ice in a more comfortable position is better for his development than forcing him into an uncomfortable position in the NHL. He also has flaws that need improvement, and AHL is a better place to make these adjustments in his game. Before he becomes an influential player in the NHL, his skating still needs to work hard, and his defense still needs to improve. He has made great progress Under the leadership of coach John Wroblewski (John Wroblewski) last season, these two areas are in, I think he needs to continue to develop these areas under the leadership of the coach.

Martin Fok, Los Angeles Kings
Martin Frk, Los Angeles Kings (Photo by Rob Curtis/Icon Sportswire, Getty Images)

The negative impact that sent him down turned into asset management. Unless the team convenes another potential customer with an exemption to replace Kaliyev, they may lose someone in the future. I think Martin Folk or Austin Wagner will replace him, which means that when Anderson and Andreas Atanasio recover from their injuries, someone will need to apply for an exemption. Frk and Wagner have cleared the exemption before, but there is always the risk of sending players through the exemption, as when the Kings discovered They lost Christian Volanin.

What should the king do to Kaliev

I think the Kings can do something with Kaliyev, but I think there is only one realistic option in the short term. If they want him to play in the NHL, they must find a new role for him. There are two options for this.One, the Kings can move someone out of the top six, maybe Dustin Brown or Adrian Kemp, And insert him.I think he can find real success in the second line Philip Danot Alex Iafallo can defend him and work hard for him in the corner.

The second option also involves moving the top six, but it moves Tkachev to the top six and Kaliyev into his role. Playing with Velardi and a winger who can pick up the ball, Kaliyev can succeed in the third line. He is now a limited player and needs the right circumstances to succeed.I think Track and field team Corey Pronman explained it very well-Kaliyev needs a center forward to dribble the ball and create opportunities to enter the area, but once in and into the power game, I hope he can provide the numbers… (from: “Best ranked Of NHL players under 23: Cale Makar or Andrei Svechnikov at the top of the list?” Corey Pronman, Sports meeting, 09/07/21)

The question then becomes what to do if he is sent to AHL. In my opinion, the organization can summon Frk and place him in the bottom six. The team tried desperately to score goals last season, although it is too early, but this problem still exists. The loss of Andreas Athanasiou due to injury eliminated the biggest goal threat of the last six, and Fock re-added this factor to the lineup.

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He will also help the team’s second team, which has continued to struggle since the beginning of last season. I mentioned Volk’s physical fitness and energy during the training camp. I think it’s worth it to let him play alongside Velardi and Tkachev-to make the team’s two best passers and the team Playing with the best shooters can bring real success. There is also an option to exchange Tkachev and Kempe, bringing back the Kempe-Vilardi-Frk series we have seen in the past.

The king can choose Kaliyev

At this stage of his career, the Kings must do the best for Kaliev’s long-term development. In my opinion, this is to get him into the AHL. I think it would be great to get him into the lineup in the way I mentioned above, but I think this is not realistic now. Being dismissed is not necessarily the end of his NHL season. If the team can find a suitable role for him in the late-season lineup, then call him back.

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