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Justin Thomas (Justin Thomas) released a workout video, and the jokes started with Bryson De Chambord, Wie Shengmei and others

Justin Thomas There is no best 2021 season. He admitted so muchBut he has high hopes for 2022, especially with the addition of an elusive second Grand Slam title to his trophy case.

During the preparation process, he made some changes, such as adding Jim “Bones” Mackay to the package.Mackay is Phil MickelsonAfter serving as the announcer, he will return to the backpack full-time.

Thomas also made it clear on Instagram that he also does some work in the gym.

Oh, this caused the questioner.

LPGA professional player and former U.S. Women’s Open champion Wei Shengmei.

And, of course, if it has to do with exercise, you know Bryson DeChambeau DeChambeau has undergone well-documented physical changes, adding 40 pounds of muscle to increase his swing speed and increase the distance-a lot of distance-to his game.

Well, Thomas won’t let it go.

Now we have to wait and see if Thomas will seize the opportunity to post more exercise videos, or if he has learned his lesson.


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