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Jordan Ayou: Liverpool coach Klopp worried about Crystal Palace coach before the Premier League showdown

The Reds coach looks forward to their fifth game with the Eagles at Anfield

Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp remained vigilant against Jordan Ayo and Crystal Palace’s offense before Saturday’s Premier League clash.

After defeating AC Milan 3-2 in the Champions League, the Reds will face the Eagles in the fifth game at Anfield.

Under the leadership of new coach Patrick Vieira, Palace defeated Selhurst Pak’s Tottenham Hotspur 3-0 in the previous game , Two of the goals came from the new French striker Odsonne Edouard (Odsonne Edouard).

“Huge,” Klopp Said When asked what is different about him at the Palace under the leadership of the new coach Vieira, he added: “I have to say that this is a team suitable for football. He obviously knows how he wants to arrange it. The game, you can see this. He brought in new players and used them.

“I always say that they have such a strong strength with all the players is incredible: now [Odsonne] Edward came in and scored two goals, obviously a pretty good scoring record. [Jordan] Ouch, [Christian] Bentek, the boy from Mainz and [Wilfried] Zaha obviously.

“So it’s incredible quality, now in midfield, [Cheikhou] Koyat returned to his place, [Conor] Gallagher-I’m not sure if you can still say he was a genius when he played [England] U21s, but he is a very, very good player, then third position [James] MacArthur or anyone who can play there.

“This is a good team with a real philosophy of playing football. So, this is a change, and I’m pretty sure they will do well-but we think we must do well, so tomorrow we hope we can Do it.”

Palace ranked 11th in Saturday’s game, winning one of the four games so far, winning two, and losing one.

At the same time, Ayew participated in all four games, starting with three games.

However, the Ghanaian striker has yet to find his scoring boots, which makes Vieira worry, and he hopes to help the striker regain his best form.

Last season, he played 33 games for the Eagles, then led by Roy Hodgson.

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