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Jordan Ayew: Where does the Crystal Palace striker’s next goal come from?

The Ghanaian star’s unlucky game in front of the goal has now played 31 games, and Liverpool will extend the drought to 32 games, which is a resignation

After the 3-0 victory over Tottenham Hotspur at Crystal Palace, Jonathan Moss’ whistle sounded at Selhurst Park. He hasn’t felt such excitement in Crystal Palace in the past few months.

Regardless of Japhet Tanganga’s red card, before the young defender was fired an hour ago, the Eagles were the more ambitious team and scored the highest points on the balance of the game. With the exception of several FA Cup victories defeating North London teams in 2016 and 2019, this game often ends with a Spurs victory.

This is the first time the Palace has beaten Tottenham Hotspur in the Premier League in 13 attempts. Only three players remain in the 18-man lineup, including Wilfried Zaha who thrived in Saturday’s victory.

This is Patrick Vieira’s first victory in South London. After losing Chelsea on the opening day, after several weeks of improvement, it is completely well-deserved.

If you are a half-full person, you will definitely see the positive side from that incredible performance at Selhurst Park. If you see the cup half empty, then Jordan Ayou’s long-term goal shortage will be a troubling worry.

Patrick Vielannis 2020

In a sense, the latter statement will be ridiculed by optimists in South London.

Zaha, the club’s talisman, scoring and assists, the newly signed Odsonne Edouard had a fantastic debut, the loaned Chelsea midfielder Conner Gallagher continued to impress, and Michael Ollis was finally for the Eagles. Effectiveness.

The latter even participated in the move that led to Edward playing for the club for the second time, and observers have predicted that he will soon replace Ayo in XI.

Although this statement remains to be seen, the Ghanaian star’s last gap lasted for an incredible 31 consecutive games without finding a post-net performance.

The 10-month drought began after a 4-1 victory over Leeds United in November last year. It would be a surprise if Vieira’s team’s visit to Liverpool on Saturday did not expand to 32 games.

A notable aspect of West Africa’s performance in the penalty zone last week was his lack of confidence in his two shots, which may indicate that he is currently lacking in confidence and has not scored for nearly a year.

Jordan Ayo of Aston Villa

It is true that neither of these two shots came from a clear opportunity-the fact that both shots reached 0.1xG reflects this-but players in good form may have switched these two opportunities.

The first happened immediately after Tanganga was fired, but the Ghanaian international could not shoot directly after Gallagher delivered. The forward’s reaction showed his anger.

Six minutes later, Ayou should have opened the scoring. Zaha defeated Emerson Royal and passed a cross to his West African teammate. The latter cleverly kept his running on the far post. Black Star lacked confidence in the execution and was eventually defeated by Dele Ali. The blocked shot was vividly displayed.

Despite firing the blank again, the 30-year-old attacker continued to participate in his side until he exited in the 86th minute.

Only two players surpassed his four shooting moves (defined as passing, dribbling, or fouls that directly lead to a shot). He ranked third for Palace’s successful dribble and second for progressive dribbling ( 10-7).

In addition, James MacArthur and Tyreke Mitchell’s five steals plus his four interceptions have surpassed him, and if he finishes the game, he may exceed this number.

Odson Edward Crystal Palace 2021-22

Having said that, if Ayou wants to keep his place in the team, he needs to start scoring again, especially after the arrival of Edward and Ollis in the summer.

However, in his light defense of the Ghanaian, he has not missed the opportunity again and again in the past 10 months. Ayew’s 2.4 non-free throw expected goals (resulting in a goal) were quite low last season, and his failure to seize only one opportunity that falls into the category of big chances further highlights this statement.

Roy Hodgson’s team ranked 18th among the clear opportunities created last year, which shows that the former Lorient forward was held back by the conservative nature of the former manager.

It feels like a long time ago, Ayew and Zaha seemed to be a common amulet before the lock on 2029/20., He eventually scored 9 Premier League goals, especially 6.5xG.

After the league resumed, the ongoing drought began, and the 30-year-old’s goal exhaustion was worrying.

Jordan Ayou Crystal Palace 2021-22

Vieira praised his team’s Spurs performance at a press conference on Friday, but called on them to repeat their performance in Saturday’s game against one of the best teams in Europe.

“We just need to be on the court and cause them problems, because there are also aspects that we can take advantage of,” the Frenchman Tell Reporter Friday. “To take advantage of it, we have to be brave to go there, thinking we can get something out of the game. If we go there and think about defending for 90 minutes, they will score goals because they can do it.

“We played a great game (against Tottenham), yes, but can we repeat this performance? This is our challenge.”

Liverpool won the last nine games between the clubs, beating the Reds 4-0, 7-0 and 2-0 in the last three games. After the six-year wait against Tottenham last time, another top performance at Anfield will prove the growth of this palace team since the disappointing performance on the opening day of Stamford Bridge.

If Ayou scores in the process, maybe those who see the glass half empty will put on a robe of optimism and begin to believe that Vieira’s Eagles will rebuild.

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