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Jessika Carter of Mississippi helps raise mental health awareness

On Tuesday, Mississippi State forward/center Jessica Carter revealed on Instagram that she was the survivor of two suicide attempts, one in July and the other in November two weeks ago.

On Wednesday night, during the halftime of the Iowa/Iowa State University Women’s Basketball Game, ESPNU reported on Carter’s Instagram post and asked the broadcaster Carolyn Peck to talk about the importance of monitoring the mental health of student athletes .

In recent years, as our society continues to accept the concept that mental health is health, mental health awareness has increased. I am very grateful that Carter is okay, she said in an Instagram post that she “will stay”. Her revelation reminds us of the importance of talking to our loved ones and taking our mental health seriously. In addition, it is expected to boost the spirit of anyone going through difficult times, help prevent future suicide attempts and raise awareness of this issue.

I am also a survivor of multiple suicide attempts, so Carter’s experience resonated with me. I prove that she is not the only person in women’s basketball who struggles with suicidal thoughts, and anyone who has experienced such things should not be stigmatized. In addition, I am happy to announce that I will also stay here.

Mental health is a topic discussed in her speech by Las Vegas ace star A’ja Wilson Player Forum piece “Dear black woman,” It came out in March. Wilson revealed that she had experienced panic attacks and reminded us that it is okay to be vulnerable. The following is an excerpt from the work:

I saw it with my own mother when I was a kid. She could have had the hardest day at work, but when she returned home at night, she was smiling. You will never find that she slipped. Never see her sweat.

How many of us fall into the same pattern?​​ I mean, I have this vision for myself, and I feel that I must be satisfied-not as a basketball player, but as a black American woman. As Aja. I feel that I need to handle every situation with elegance, composure and a positive attitude. I can’t let them find that I have lost my composure, right?

…Yes, I struggle with depression.

After experiencing the MVP season.

Yes, I have a panic attack.

After experiencing the MVP season.

… You can be vulnerable, but still an MVP.

You can be vulnerable, but still the CEO.

You can be vulnerable, but still in the White House.

You don’t have to wear a mask every morning.

…Let me say it out loud, for anyone who needs to hear it behind today…

It’s enough.

No, no no… more than enough.

In fact, the best is yet to come.

In late March, GlamorousCat Ariail of wrote an article article Analyze the significance of “dear black women” to the mental health awareness campaign. Wilson is an important role model in the women’s basketball world, and her words have a lot of weight. She should be praised for sharing her story and raising awareness.

So today, I just want to take the time to raise awareness because I was inspired by Wilson and Carter.

Mental health is health. We all need to take care of each other there, and we can end suicide together.

The national suicide prevention lifeline is 800-273-8255, available 24 hours a day.

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