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Jack Muzing of the Maple Leafs, Jack Campbell will get a proper Los Angeles return after being traded to Toronto

El Segundo, California-When the Toronto Maple Leafs made their last annual pilgrimage to Southern California, expect to see the return of the three former Kings that night.

They are back, but not in the way many people hoped.

Goalkeeper Jack Campbell and forward Kyle Clifford were acquired by the Leafs from the Los Angeles Kings a month ago. A year ago, defender Jack Muzing was traded to Toronto from the California club.

All three participated in the Leaf Team Visit Kings game on March 5, 2020, but two members did not participate in the game. Campbell dressed up as a substitute for the starter Frederick Andersen, although he started in Anaheim and San Jose in California.A week ago, Muzin broke his hand after blocking a shot from the Tampa Bay Chargers defender Victor Hedman (Victor Hedman) and then watched the game in the press booth

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