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Iwobi reveals his best position in Everton and Nigeria

Since he joined Toffees from the Emirates Stadium, the former Arsenal star has demonstrated his versatility

Alex Iwobi said that his best position in Everton is a winger, and his best position in Nigeria is No. 10 or No. 8.

Since leaving Arsenal for a new adventure at Goodison Park in 2019, the 25-year-old has been selected for multiple positions.

In the early stages of his career in North London, Iwobi was compared to his uncle Jay Jay Okocha, who played the main role of organizer during his active days.

Over the years, he has proven his versatility, and he believes these experiences have had an impact on his game.

Iwobi told Club’s website: “I think playing different roles gives me a better understanding of the game, especially those defensive roles. I won’t complain-playing right-wing defender, right midfielder, left midfielder, I will play anywhere. , I will always do my best.

“My goal is to score more goals and assists, but if I am asked to do this at right back, then I will do it and try my best!

“I think that for Everton, my best position in the team may be the wing. For my national team, the situation is completely different. I do like playing in midfield as the No. 8 or No. 10. ball.

“I think I can play any position. For every manager and every team, things are different.”

Since the former Liverpool coach Carlo Ancelotti took over from Benitez in June, Iwobi has not concealed his admiration for Benitez.

The Super Eagles star praised Benitez’s form and the team’s overall performance because they ranked fourth in the Premier League with 10 points after four games.

“I think the manager really makes us feel confident,” he added.

“He made sure that we worked hard every day, and I think this is reflected on the pitch.

“He unites the team. As you can see, we are now in a good position-players and fans. We feel good and feel very confident and excited about any challenges we face. This is true. It’s very good.

“He is a very demanding person-not just for me, but for everyone. He wants every player to do his best.

“He works hard with individuals, he talks to us every day. When you are doing well, he will tell you, but he will always give you something you can improve-and something that is helpful to the team Things. He really helped me.”

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