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“It’s not just for me”-Tottenham Hotspur’s Tanganga refused to be praised for his victory over Manchester City

The former England youth international from Congo transferred part of the credit for his team’s victory over Guardiola’s citizens

Japhet Tanganga refused to be praised for Tottenham Hotspur’s 1-0 defeat of Manchester City on Sunday night.

The 22-year-old was a starter before Serge Aurier and Matt Doherty, and he performed well to offset the fierce attack from the citizens.

In order to end a wonderful game, he walked home with the player of the game award, and after he replaced Matt Dougherty, the fans were full of lyricism towards him.

Although the prospects of the Democratic Republic of the Congo admitted that supporters made him “chill”, he praised their influence and the influence of his teammates because Guardiola’s men returned empty-handed.

“No, it’s not just for me, I heard from everyone, everyone is changing shifts,” Tanganga said Tottenham Hotspur media.

“We have been working hard. We worked on the fitness aspect of the game in the preseason, and today everyone has a shift.

“It’s not just us, but it’s great to get the fans back. They are urging us to move forward, and we can definitely feel their presence in the stadium. So, it is a wonderful feeling for everyone and a victory. .

“This is a wonderful feeling. When you were young, you would hear it on TV; dreaming that these things happened to you.

“Honestly, I felt chills walking around and I had to control myself to make sure I could sit on the bench, but it was an amazing feeling and I really appreciate it.

“I am very happy that they recognized the work we have done. It is obvious that we won their victory today and also scored 3 points on the board of directors.”

Despite adding that Nuno Espirito Santo’s players will remain humble, despite their good start, after overcoming the injury concerns that prevented him from playing normally last season, he is also keen to play as many games as possible for the Londoners this season. .

“First of all, we must remain humble. This is the first game. This is the first game of the season. I think many people’s bodies will grow during the season,” he continued.

“But as I said, this is a good start. You want a good start, and this is what we are doing today.

“Now it just keeps going, we went to Portugal and then we keep going in the league. This is what we are doing.

“I have my goals and goals. Injury last year was very difficult for me. This year, I just want to play as many games as possible, stay healthy, and be ready to meet the coaches when they need me. This is my goal. “

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