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Is huge in the context of this test

Previous India Ticket inspector Deep Dasgupta thinks Virat Kohli will be upset about him because he was fired at Lord’s on the 4th day UK Once again, he took advantage of the weakness of his broken stump. Virat Kohli missed 20 games in the second game in India because he handed over Sam Curran to goalkeeper Jos Buttler.

Having arranged an internal spin player for the Indian captain, Curran put an angle on him. The ball was farther away when pitching, he fished outside the stump and scratched there.

Deep Dasgupta observed that Virat Kohli’s front foot was not as close to the ball as it should. He felt that the Indian captain’s wicket was of great significance to the position of the game.

Virat Kohli scored 20 points in the second round of the main test. (Photo: Twitter)

“Virat Kohli would not be satisfied with himself. It was really outside the stump, almost the fifth stump. His forefoot did not reach the line of the ball, he used feathers. It was a huge one for Sam Curran and England. The wicket. In the context of this test, this is huge,” Deep Dasgupta said in the BBC’s test match special.

Sam Curran’s small door corner has succeeded: David Lloyd

Former England cricket player and now famous commentator David Lloyd believes that Villat Koli should leave that ball because it has been away from him.

He also praised Sam Curran for coming to the ticket gate from around the ticket gate where he started.

Watch: Virat Kohli was fired by Sam Curran on the 20th and left India in the deep waters of Lord's
Watch: Virat Kohli was fired by Sam Curran on the 20th and left India in the deep waters of Lord’s

“This is important. Almost a circle of honor [from Curran]. Outside, does Kohli have to play? No, he did not. He feels about it. Sam Curran probed near the ticket gate, but succeeded at the ticket gate. He went out alone! “Lloyd said on Sky Sports.

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