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IPL 2021: This is how the Punjab Kings still qualify for the playoffs

Lose on Sunday Royal Challenger Bangalore (RCB) Has had a huge impact Punjab Kings (PBKS)Hope of qualifying for the playoffs In the ongoing Indian Premier League (IPL) 2021.

The team led by KL Rahul kept everything under control while chasing goals, winning that game and then winning again in the rest of the game will give them 14 points and are in a good position to enter the playoffs .

However, the loss of RCB reduced Punjab’s chances of entering the top four.But if they win the last league game, they can still have a place in the playoffs Chennai Super King (CSK) It took a big lead on October 7th, and hope that other results will also go well.

If Punjab beat Chennai, they can get up to 12 points, and hope that no other team can exceed 12 points.For this reason, both parties Mumbai Indians (MI) with Royal Rajasthan (RR) Just need to win one of their remaining two games, and Kolkata Cavaliers (KKR) Will have to lose their last group match.

If this happens, the four teams will split 12 points equally, which means the qualification will drop to the net running rate. Currently, among the teams competing for the final playoff spot, the Kings’ net running rate is second only to the Cavaliers. If all teams finish with 12 points, PBKS will be ranked fifth and KKR will be fourth.

Therefore, Punjab hopes to beat CSK in their last group stage, or hope that KKR will be hit hard by RR in the last group stage to eliminate the two champions in the standings.

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