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IPL 2021: Sunil Gavaskar lashed out at the third referee for Dwayne Bravo’s off-ball dispute in the DC and CSK conflict

Cricket legend Sunil Gawaska Angry at the third referee’s controversial decision in the final Indian Premier League (IPL) Game 50 in 2021 Between Delhi Capital (DC) and Chennai Super King (CSK) At the Dubai International Stadium on Monday.

CSK all-rounder Dwayne Bravo Had to defend six base runs in the final, he first missed a few runs on the first ball and then passed the ball outside his stump Simron Heitmeier.

The ball is too big to even land on the court, and Ms. Donny Can’t even collect balls. When the white leather rolled towards the short third-man outfielder, the batsman ran quickly.Referee Anil Chowdhury The ball was signaled, but a few seconds later, after consulting with the third referee, he had to change the decision to the side.

according to Article 61 (Court area)If the ball leaves the court in whole or in part before reaching the striker’s wicket line, the referee must call it “no ball”.

Therefore, Gawaska could not understand why the TV referee decided to call it “wide” instead of “no ball.”

“This is obviously an off-ball. We have already got some decisions from the TV referees, in this case, these decisions will affect winning or losing, and this shouldn’t happen,” Gavaska says Star sports After the game.

Fortunately, the decision of the Capitals did not affect them because they managed to stay calm and score the remaining games with two goals to win the game with three wickets. Shihadavan Get the highest score with 39 points, while Hetmyer played the role of the terminator and remained unbeaten at 28 points.

Gavaskar said that DC’s victory was a good thing, because referee errors could change the game.

“This type of decision should not change the rules of the game. It is a good thing that Delhi won because it may change the rules of the game,” Gavaska added.

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