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Infantino: We have the Super Bowl every year, why not the World Cup every two years

FIFA President Gianni Infantino (Gianni Infantino) said on Tuesday that the biennial World Cup will not weaken the “magic” of the tournament because its frequency will not affect its quality and prestige.

Football’s world governing body, FIFA, is conducting a feasibility study on the feasibility of hosting the World Cup every two years. This move has been fiercely criticized by various federations, clubs, players and fan groups.

Infantino told the media in Israel: “It has been decided that 48 teams will participate in the World Cup (from 2026). Whether it will be held every two or four years is under negotiation.”

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“I absolutely believe that there are more prestigious events, whether it’s the World Cup or any other event…because this is a magical game, maybe that’s why it should happen more frequently.

“The prestige of an event depends on its quality, not its frequency. Every year there is a Super Bowl, every year there is Wimbledon or the Champions League. Everyone is excited and waiting.”

‘Need to find the correct format’

Infantino also said that FIFA hopes to expand the annual Club World Cup.

“We want to increase the value of national championships and domestic leagues,” he added. “We need to find the correct format that won’t cause much damage to the calendar and all other events.”

Infantino was also asked if Israel could host the World Cup. He said that it is definitely an option for the country to host the World Cup with its neighbors in the Middle East.

Infantino said: “Why can’t we dream of hosting the World Cup in Israel and its neighbors? According to the Abraham Agreement, why should we not host the World Cup in Israel with her neighbors in the Middle East and the Palestinians.”

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