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Indian players escape sanctions after Cape Town DRS controversy

indian team for the third and final time South Africa in Cape Town.

The incident occurred in the 21st inning of the second inning in South Africa, when Ravi Chandran Ashwin Fly one delivery, drop first then straighten to beat Dean Elgar’s bat. Referee Erasmus Marsh Outright batsman LBW was ruled out, but South African skipper called for DRS.

Once Elgar saw him beaten on the big screen, he started dragging his feet, only to be delighted to find the ball was going over the stump.

It neither amused the Indians nor the referees, who suggested: “This is impossible”.

Hear Ashwin say: “You should find a better way to win, SuperSport”, while his teammates Rahul, Kuala Lumpur slammed: “The whole country is playing against eleven guys.”

team leader Virat Kohli To add further: “Also keep an eye on your team when they serve the ball…not just the opponent! Always trying to catch. Of course a fair game here, DRS.”

At the same time, the match referee Andy Pycroft The Indian team management has been told that the behaviour of their players in Cape Town is unacceptable. If such behaviour is repeated on the pitch, they could face severe penalties. Therefore, this time, there are no reprimands or any charges against the team.

For the uninitiated, SuperSport uses technology from Hawk-Eye Innovations, the same suppliers it partners with such as ICC and BCCI.

facing a Seven losses at Cape Town Seeing the Proteas seal a three-game series 2-1, Kohli was defiant in his postgame press conference.

“We know what’s going on on the pitch and people off the pitch don’t know the exact details of what’s going on on the pitch, so I’m wrong to try to justify what we’ve done on the pitch and say we’ve been carried away,” Colley said.

“If we were charged there and picked up three wickets, that could be the game-changing moment.

“The reality is that we didn’t put enough pressure on them for a long time throughout the Test and we lost the game.

“That moment seemed beautiful and exciting and could be controversial, and I honestly wasn’t interested in being controversial at all.

“It’s just the past, we’ve moved on, just continued to focus on the game and trying to pick up the wicket.”

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