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Indian all-rounder Shardul Thakur shared his reaction to the “Lord Shardul” meme

Indian all-rounder Shadu Thakur Impressed in the most recent test series U.KThe 29-year-old player has made significant contributions to the ball and bat to help India leads 2-1 in five series, The status of the final test is yet to be confirmed.

In the Oval Test, Thakur played in both rounds (57 and 60) for half a century, and also picked up three wickets in the game, including the precious scalp of the British captain Jorgen In the second article guiding India to 157 victories.

Recalling this epic game in a conversation with India Express, Thakur had a relaxed chat with his British opponents and IPL teammates Sam CoranThe person born in Pargar revealed that he told Koran that India would win the game, and his analysis finally came true.

“He (Curran) said that the ticket gates are flat and we will get 100 points without losing any ticket gates. I said, don’t worry, I will break through. You will lose five quick wickets and we will win. Yes! All of this has been achieved in some way,” Thakur said before adding, “Achha time chal raha hai mera, so le lo jitna mil raha hai (good time, do your best!”).

Thakur also reacted to the “Lord Shardul” meme, which appeared on social media platforms throughout the fourth test after he performed well in the game. The right arm said that he likes all the emojis, and the name given to him by the fans made him remember his performance, which is the most important for him.

“Somewhere, I feel like I haven’t achieved anything yet, and I don’t want to be satisfied. I have seen the same days when social media cursed my presence in the team. Now I enjoy these memes. It shows that I get from all directions How much love. I don’t mind a name like this. But I want people to remember that I am the one who made an impact in the game and won the game. This is important to me,” Thakur added.

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