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IND vs NZ: Shreyas Iyer reached the age of 50 when he debuted; Kyle Jamison hissed

When New Zealand entered the court to face India on a calm ground, the Eagles circled threateningly as expected. The aggressive alliance between Shreyas Iyer in the debut and Ravindra Jadeja in the last game brought India back to the first round of the finals.

At the end of the day’s game, India led 4 to 258, and Shreyas (75, 136) and Jadeja (50, 100) did not separate after adding 113 times.

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At the end of the 38th game, Shreyas seized the opportunity from the beginning when he fell down at Cheteshwar Pujara’s wicket, as if he had made a decisive statement on the question of “intention”. Early in his game, he tried to make a high, inside-out shot to the left arm spinner Ajaz Patel, and almost hit a hole in the midfield. But he quickly settled down, saw Tim Southee’s tentative spell, and then opened in the late afternoon, leaving the spinning mill in trouble. He paid special attention to Rachin Ravindra, the third spinner in the New Zealand lineup, who risked bowling to collect some boundaries. His cut in the 64th inning was particularly dangerous-he exposed all three stumps to cut a short pitch.


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When the home team finally wandered, the crowd had found their voice. Shreyas completed his half-century, had a nice drive on Southee’s single, and celebrated it in the next pleasant post-interrupted Ajaz. After a while, he almost lost his wicket again with chivalry spirit, almost handing it to the outfielder in midfield. For the next ball, he walked off the track and lifted the ball to the Indian team’s last six games of the day. Later that day, he hit another, coming up and down the court to outside player Will Somerville, and then threw the ball to midwicket.

Jadeja gave him a good company, negotiated the spinner well and pushed the score.

After Ajinkya Rahane chose to hit the ball to take advantage of the surface for the first time and the crack on it in the fourth inning, the situation in India started very early. Mayank Agarwal-vs-Jamieson was the first small battle in the first 45 minutes. For the first two rounds, Agarwal didn’t know how he negotiated with the lovely outside wave, the ball went over the outside edge several times. It seems that in the eighth game, he has enough confidence to kick-off the outside of Jamison, but is this a trap? The ball is full and in the area. With the next ball, Jamison recovered his height, and Agarwal then moved forward nervously for another pitch. This time he went out.

Southee also attracted the edge of Mayank’s bat, but the low rebound on the court wiped out any hope of being fired. The ball bounced and then rolled over the diving goalkeeper-through the gap between his outstretched hands and his torso-to the boundary.

Shubman Gill (52, 93b) is more sure of the crease than his opening partner. His first boundary was a short and wide pass from Ajaz in the 11th minute, which was a rare loose pass in the first hour. He likes Ajaz and collected three other four-pointers and one six-pointer from him through cutting and staking. His six consecutive shots were particularly sweet-he saw the ball flying, walked down the runway confidently, and dropped the ball from the ground to the ground unharmed.

Schumann Gill. -AP

He finally reached his fourth and a half century and looked for more, but Jamison’s excellent delivery soon after lunch disappointed him. After the pitch, Jamison passed the ball to the batter; it was a complete delivery, and Shubman committed to his striker, leaving a gap between his bat and the mat. The ball occupied the inner edge and slipped through the gap. bowling.

Rahane, who played next, also cut the ball to Jamieson’s stump, but after scoring 35 points. Fast bowlers are not particularly threatening. He looks good and scores high, but his luck is not good. When the ball that got him out stayed low and hit the bottom of his bat on the way to the stump, the variable bounce made him lose his strength.

Southee accounted for the only other wicket that fell, the one in Pujara, whose 26 pitches ate 88 pitches. He extended the bat slightly, pitched a long distance, and then leaned back. Seam bowling expert Southee may have straightened the ball a bit after pitching.

New Zealand’s outfielders tried to make the ball glow to get a reverse swing, but they were unsuccessful, and in the final quarter, the new ball hardly disturbed the fixed batter because Shreyas and Jadeja kept running and tilting the balance. It is beneficial to their team.

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