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IND vs NZ: Cheteshwar Pujara thinks Shubman Gill will take the Kanpur test

The top two test teams, new Zealand with India Prepare to lock the horns in the long-awaited two test series, starting on Thursday, November 25.

The two countries recently competed in the T20I series. “Man in Blue” won three games and became famous in one fell swoopIt is worth noting that the newly appointed captain of T20I Rohit Sharma, Goalkeeper trousersAnd speed trio Jasprit Bumla, Mohamed Shami with Shadu Thakur Not part of the testing team.

with Rahul, Kuala Lumpur Because of the injury to the test series, the big question now is who will open the game. Not to mention, both Rahul and Rohit gave India a strong start in the recent England Tour. especially, BCCI selected Mayank Agarwal and Shubman Gill to join the team Used for New Zealand testing.

Before the first test held in the iconic green park of Indian star Kanpur Chetshwar Pugara It has been confirmed that Shubman will become a member of the team. Pujara praised Gill, saying that the next-generation star has played well since his debut, and regretted that he missed the England Tour.

“I can’t disclose at this stage. But you see, he is a talented player. There is no doubt that he will become a member of the team. So someone like him, you know he doesn’t need to worry too much, since he debuted He has played cricket for several years. It’s a pity that he missed England, but he is a talented player and I personally don’t think I need to tell him too much.” Pujara said in the virtual press before the first test.

However, Pujala didn’t say anything about Gil’s batting order, whether it was the opening or the mid-order shots. Pujara also mentioned the new coach Rahul Dravid Will give Jill the best guidance to play nature games.

“Rahul bhai is there and he will provide the best guidance. So I think he will only need to use his instincts. I can’t reveal where he will hit the ball, but he is fully prepared and I believe he is very Looking forward to this series.” Added Pujara.

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