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IND vs NZ: Aakash Chopra points out Shubman Gill’s technical flaws in his shot

India Opener Schumann Gil impressive In the first round of the Kanpur test that India is going to play against New ZealandGill returned with a red ball after injury, which prevented him from participating in the England Test.

Jill performed well against Black Caps’ high-quality tempo and spin attacks, and broke half a century of brilliance. Scored 52 goals with 93 goals, forming an important partner with the substitute captain Chetshwar Pugara On the first day of the game.

However, Jill was cleaned up by the New Zealand pacemaker Tim Socie In the 30th inning of the first inning in India. Southee hits a ball long enough and pulls the batter forward. The gap between the bat and the pad is visible. The red leather occupies the inner edge and shatters the stump.

Jill was impressive when he was 50, but the former India opener Akash Chopra Pointed out the technical flaws in his shots. Chopra believes that Jill does not have the technology and skills needed to open the game.

“Whenever I see him play, he doesn’t look like a test opener to me. The way he plays inside, both outside and inside are exposed,” Chopra said while talking Star sports.

Chopra suggested that Gill should look for other options that suit his abilities, such as lowering the order of shots to maximize his potential. The cricketer turned into a commentator and thought Jill played better, so he should be relegated.

“But when he spins, he is tall, with good feet, good reach, impeccable footwork, and solid defense. The bat is always in front of the mat,” Chopra added.

Chopra observed that, in his opinion, Jill is a mid-level batsman, and he started with a red ball.

“In my opinion, he is a mid-level batsman, he has been forced away. He did a good job as an opening player, but when he hits the ball in the midfield, he will see his true face and form.” Chopra added further.

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