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IND v NZ, first test, day 2: when New Zealand fights back, Latham and Young challenge Indian spinning mills

The calm and confident Tom Latham has now found an enterprising partner in Will Young. The two ignored the Indian bowlers for most of the five hours in order to maintain the first place after the next day. The balance of a test. The cautiousness and vigilance of the opening batsmen meant that even though R. Ashwin & Co. used all their skills, India could not drive them away because New Zealand was 216 points behind with 216 points in the first game.

Young (75 hits, 180 shots) enjoyed some excellent shots—including hits, hits, and sweeps—even though Latham (50 hits, 165 hits) was content to be in another Continue to defend at one end. Their uninterrupted partnership is now the first more than 100 partnerships established in India by a foreign pair in the past five years.

Both batsmen demonstrated their ability to handle spins. They use their feet very well, judge the length very early, and have very soft hands. They are happy to punish strange loose deliveries, and use sweep shots to achieve good results.

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Young attacked all three spinners-Ashwin, Ravindra Jadeja and Axar Patel-and was confident enough to follow the track to Ashwin to collect the boundary through the middle. When the ball was short-thrown, Ashwin was swept and pulled to his calf. His outstanding reverse sweep in limited-time cricket matches has yet to see the light. Maybe he thought it was too risky to take it out. The tap in the third man’s area is the most profitable shot he can get from a fast bowler.

He swept too much in the 35th hole against Jadeja and was almost eliminated with 58 pounds. However, this review saved him; the ball tracker showed that the ball will continue to miss the stump.

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India vs. New Zealand, the first test: New Zealand spinning mills are not embarrassed

Latham was also lucky. He was given lbw twice on the court and was saved by a referee because the ball hit the bat first in both games. Later that day, Jadeja and India thought they finally saw him because he was left behind; Latham mentioned again that DRS saved him again, this time proving that he did not hit the ball.

When Shreyas Iyer reached his virgin century at the end of the eighth of the day, the crowd had something to cheer in the morning. He became the 16th Indian batsman to receive a test ton in his debut. He has drawn many boundaries on Kyle Jamieson, some of which are clear.

Southee’s Master Class

Although Shreyas is a century, the morning meeting does not belong to India. Tim Southee (5 of 69 shots) throws the ball in such a quick manner that his spell looks better than the scoring boundary. He swings the ball, but also demonstrated his superb skills in seam bowling, repeatedly trying to attract the batter to drive by bowling in the corridor outside the stump and using the crease to create various angles.

Southee mainly has three types of pitching styles, he forces the batter to make mistakes-some from (or into) their direction, some continue to tilt, and some straighten slightly after the pitch. Jadeja was the first to leave, starting from the inside line and entering in a straight line from the angle around the ticket gate. He has left countless shots outside the stump, and maybe his defensive shot is uncertain because he doesn’t know whether the ball will straighten.

Wriddhiman Saha fell down quickly, and after leaving countless deliveries, he hit a ball on the outside swing-this is a classic trap. Shreyas couldn’t resist the attack either. His attack was too early and he led the ball directly into the hands of the goalkeeper. For him, this may be a bit slower. Then Axar Patel succumbed to someone who straightened slightly after the pitch, staying in his crease and behind.

Southee has won five consecutive victories. He won the 13th time in the cricket test and the second time in India, and it did get his team back into the game. Unlike the first day, his fast bowling partner Jamison had the ball swing but could not make much difference. Shreyas and later R. Ashwin collected some of his boundaries, and finally the stroke cut from Ashwin at the 109th time was the most impressive of these strokes.

Ashwin also hit Southee’s three borders, in the arc between the third man and the screen. Ashwin may have confidence in the Seams team, but he suspects left-arm spinner Ajaz Patel. When Ashwin hit the ball at the age of 16, he was almost stumped by a flight delivery.

But Ajaz did not wait long, and finally got some rewards for his hard work, and finally defeated Ashwin again with a circular pitch that spun sharply after the pitch; Ashwin wanted to hit the ball from the inside out. , But exposed his stump, misjudged the trajectory, and was knocked down. When India’s innings ended within three innings after lunch, Ishant Sharma was knocked back by his arm ball.

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