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In spite of the COVID outbreak, there are still playable islands

According to reports, the New York Islanders are facing one of the NHL’s biggest COVID-19 outbreaks this season, but the league has not yet stepped in to postpone their schedule. Lu Ramorillo. Had Only postponed once this season, Senator of Ottawa, although San Jose Sharks Very close at the beginning of the 2021-22 season. Many people are beginning to speculate whether the Islanders will become the second team to postpone the game when practice and media availability on Tuesday move from 10:30 am to 12:45 pm, but there are reports that despite the recent COVID outbreak, The islanders will continue to play.

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The islanders lineup is exhausted

In the media reports of the Islanders, multiple reports confirmed that the team will not postpone the game, and their first game with the New York Rangers at the UBS Arena will continue as planned. However, the Islanders will do so when the lineup is severely depleted.Due to COVID-19, the seven regular islanders are now unavailable, and Ryan Proctor with Brock Nelson He was out until mid-December due to injury.

#Isles There will be no now: Bailey Lee Pelech Greene Johnston Bellows Chara (COVID) Pulock Nelson (injury) was just two brutal weeks for this team.

The islanders announce their top scorer Nelson will be absent for 2-4 weeks Injured lower body after being hit Vs. Toronto Maple Leafs on Sunday.Scored 9 goals in 13 games, he was the only bright spot An offense that struggles otherwiseHis triathlon winning streak also ended in 316 games, which is the second longest winning streak in the islanders’ history, second only to Billy Harris’s 576 games.

Islanders lacking calling options

After convening five players on Saturday for their home opener at UBS Arena, two more players were convened on Tuesday In Thomas Hickey and Anatoli Golyshev, Bridgeport Islanders began to have some of their own roster problems. Since the Islanders cannot get nine players, they need a lot of reinforcements from Bridgeport. The problem is that this also leaves them with a weak group.

LRT: As Golyshev is on the edge of the NHL, Vande Sompel is reportedly injured. The only healthy (AFAIK, he had a warm-up) scratch on Bridgeport yesterday was Newkirk. BPT has no other skaters in Worcester.

With Hickey joining the Islanders, Bridgeport has only six defensive players left, and no one can draw from Worcester Lyles HC through the AHL agreement. In order to increase the number of players, if other people need to be called from Wednesday to weekend, they must sign the Worcester players to the PTO. To make matters worse, in addition to the NHL Islanders, Bridgeport and Worcester will have a game on Wednesday. If things continue to go down on Wednesday afternoon, the NHL and AHL Islanders will have a small window for recruitment.

Islander Quotations

Ramorillo gave a speech to the media for less than 10 minutes, announcing the islanders’ newest player unable to play, Nelson’s injury and Bridgeport’s latest call-up. He mentioned that the islanders “prepare to race unless we hear other news.”

Brian Compton of asks Lou Lamoriello If you need external help (Deal): “No matter what we can do to get better, we will, but we will let our players come back. I assure you that we have received the call. Many teams want to help us, But they really can’t help us. “

Ramorillo on the field With their current list“We will continue to do things we can control. You can’t handle things you can’t control. Of course, these are difficult times, but we will continue to focus on the players we have, and we have the ability to change players when necessary, and Keep a positive attitude as much as possible. I don’t think you have any way to deal with this problem or deal with it in a different way.”

Islander The storyline of the coming week

All eyes will be on the islanders’ upcoming schedule, which will resume in Wednesday’s game against the Rangers. It sounds like no player will leave the COVID protocol list in time to participate in the game. This brings a serious disadvantage to the islanders, except for putting other teams at risk, because more players test positive every day . Since the islanders were on a downward trajectory even before last weekend’s loss and other roster issues, they could really spend some time regrouping. Will the NHL allow them to recover?

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