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ICC introduces new playback conditions for T20I; the team will be punished for slow overestimation

The slow overestimation of free throws has become a major topic in cricket.How many points did the teams lose in this game World Test Championship (WTC) After failing to maintain the speeding program in the longest format.

now International Cricket Council (ICC) Furthermore, the slow overestimation of men’s and women’s T20I has introduced in-game penalties, which will take effect this month. According to the new game conditions, the defenders will need to be able to start the final round of the game before the scheduled time.

If the requirements are not met, a penalty procedure will be entered, and in the remaining rounds, the defensive team can only use 4 outfielders instead of 5 outfielders outside the 30-yard circle.

It is worth noting that in T20 Blast 2020 organized by T20 Blast 2020, for the first time, the provision of forcing outfielders to enter the ring was introduced as a penalty for slow speeding. England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) It will then be expanded to all domestic white ball games in England in 2021.

Before the latest game conditions, regarding the outfielder limit in T20I, in a complete round of 20, one outfielder can only place two outfielders outside the 30-yard circle, and only two outfielders can be placed in a complete round of non-powerplay. Five outfielders ended.

“This change is recommended by the ICC Cricket Committee, which takes into account the effectiveness report of similar regulations contained in the conditions of the 100-man tournament organized by the European Central Bank, and regularly discusses ways to improve the rhythm of various forms of competition. ,” The International Criminal Court said in a statement.

In addition, according to the new competition conditions, in each round of the bilateral T20I series, an optional drink break will be allowed, provided that the two participating teams must make a decision before the start of each series.

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