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ICC believes that all teams will go to Pakistan to compete for the 2025 championship trophy

India’s participation in the 2025 Championship trophy in Pakistan is a “challenging” issue for the International Cricket Council, but the world governing body has expressed confidence that all teams will travel to the country to participate in the competition.

Since Islamic militants attacked the Sri Lankan team bus in Lahore in 2009 and killed 6 policemen and 2 civilians, the international side has largely avoided Pakistan. This 50-person or more game will be Pakistan’s first ICC event since it co-hosted the World Cup with India and Sri Lanka in 1996. The announcement last week was a major boost after England and New Zealand withdrew from the tournament in September.

When asked if the International Criminal Court is confident that the team will go to Pakistan, Chairman Greg Barclay told reporters on Monday: “From what we have seen, absolutely. If we think Pakistan is not capable of hosting it, we will not award the event. I’m sure that, like all countries, they will develop an appropriate safety plan to host this event. We are comfortable and confident that it will continue.”

People are worried that the decisions of New Zealand and England will once again inhibit Pakistan’s prospects for international cricket, but Australia confirmed this month that it will participate in the tour for the first time since 1998 next year.

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However, since the 2008 Asian Cup, the prospects for India to travel to Pakistan for the first time remain uncertain.

Anurag Thakur, Indian Sports Minister and former chairman of the Cricket Committee, told reporters last week that safety is the main issue and the government will make a decision when the time is right.

In 2013, India hosted Pakistan in a bilateral series, but these bitter neighbors rarely meet outside the global championships. Pakistan played in India during the 2011 World Cup and the 2016 T20 World Cup.

“We know this is a challenging problem,” Barclays said. “In my opinion, I cannot control geopolitical forces. I only hope that cricket can be a force that can help improve relations between nations. One of the greatest things that sports can do is to help bring nations together. If we can A small way to contribute to this is great.”

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