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“I will not sell Rice for 100 million pounds”-Manchester United and Chelsea issued a transfer warning to West Ham coach Nolan

The England international continues to attract the interest of Premier League heavyweights, but his current club has no plans to sell

Manchester United, Chelsea and any other suitors of Declan Rice People from West Ham United once again issued a transfer warning, and Hammers coach Kevin Nolan said he “will not be sold for 100 million pounds (137 million US dollars).”

David Moyes has made similar remarks in recent months, The people of London Stadium are unwilling to give up the precious assets they still own His game has great potential to unlock.

The Premier League opponents are ready to accept this and will dig deeper to complete the deal, but Nolan believes that even a 9-figure bid-which may set another British record-is not enough to make this talented. Of the English were unsuccessful internationally.

What did you say?

Nolan tells BBC Sports Rice: “When you watch him play, he seems to control everything.

“For me, he will get better. Put a price tag on him and I will not sell him for 100 million pounds.”

Will Rice get better?

Declan Rice, West Ham United 2021-22

Rice, who is only 22 years old, has made more than 150 appearances for West Ham.

He also experienced a position change from a central defender to a possession midfielder, and shifted his international allegiance from the Republic of Ireland to England.

However, there is still more hope to come, and Nolan is excited about how far a man who helped his country help his country reach the Euro 2020 final in the summer.

He added: “When you and Declan Rice are in the room, you know that you and Declan Rice are in the room, but he won’t make you upset. He is someone who wants to learn and get One of the children. Better, always willing to accept suggestions, always willing to try to be better, and hope to be better.

“The most important thing for me as a coach is that he listens to me. He respects everything I do, but I think this guy can move on. I think he has done more in England than me. Category.

“He will keep going because [of] His athleticism.He trains every day, he wants to train every day, he can hit the ball from the side of the court [to the other] Use his right or left foot.

“He can run with the ball, he has everything you might want as a football player, and he has a good football brain, he is now learning for West Ham, he has done it in England, he now Learning how to control the game.”

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