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“I thought he would go to Manchester City”-Tuchel is happy to see Kane staying with Tottenham after the summer transfer rumors

The Chelsea manager regards the striker’s situation as a fan because he wants him to be a club player

Thomas Tuchel is happy that Harry Kane stayed at Tottenham Hotspur this summer with close ties to Manchester City, and the Chelsea boss also stated that his club “never came close” to pursue the Spurs star.

Despite Manchester City’s pursuit, Kane remained with the Spurs this summer, and rumors about the transfer only heated up after Kane did not appear in the club’s first training session.

But Kane Once said he is fully committed to the advancement of the SpursTuchel is very happy to see as a fan, even if he is not eager to face the forward as a coach.

What did Tuchel say?

“I think this will happen,” he said of Kane’s proposed Manchester City transfer. “No, I am not afraid, but if it does happen, I will be very interested in how it changes Manchester City’s playing style.

“We are not afraid of anyone. We accept any team, Manchester City, Manchester United and Liverpool. They are unparalleled in the league. They have a strong lineup. These are the people we want to compete with. This is their best It’s normal for good players to fight, and I think it might happen.

“On the one hand, I’m very happy that he stayed. It’s good because there are players in football playing for only one club. So Harry Kane is Tottenham Hotspur. Even for me, I’m with Tottenham. Tottenham Hotspur has nothing to do with it. I have never worked. For them, when I think of Tottenham Hotspur in the past ten years, you think of Harry Kane, which is very good.

“Just like you think [Lionel] Messi, you think of Barcelona right away. It’s hard to imagine him now playing for another club, and Harry Kane is the same.

“So in this respect, I am very happy, because I like it, part of my personality is still a fan, and I like things like this happen. Romelu is also very good [Lukaku] Back to Chelsea, some things are appropriate and should not be changed. “

‘We have never been close’

Tuchel continued to reveal that even before signing Lukaku this summer, his club had never really pursued Kane.

“We have never listed his name, and I have never been to Marina [Granovskaia, Chelsea director] Tell her to buy him,” Tuchel said of Kane. “But the club has solved this problem.

“There are a lot of people around the players, their agents and advisers, and people in between. We have some information from these people, but we have to experience the competition never so close. We understand the competition, but I have a This feeling has never been so far.”

This summer, Lukaku returned to Stamford Bridge for 98 million pounds (136 million US dollars), making Chelsea the No. 9 star they have been pursuing.

And he started the season very well, scoring four goals in as many games as possible before Chelsea’s game against the Spurs this weekend.

Meanwhile, Kane has scored two goals in five games in all competitions this season.

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