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“I chose peace”-Kamura announced when he withdrew from AFC Leopards before the KCB transfer

When Patrick Osmus was appointed as coach last season, the defender’s ranking in Ingway dropped

Kenyan defender Robinson Kamura officially confirmed his departure from the Kenyan Premier League team AFC Jaguars.

Target Understand that the former Massare United defender agreed to join KCB after a clash with AFC Panthers coach Osmus.

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“Because it is clear that he will not stay with the AFC Leopards after last season, several clubs found him and finally he agreed to join KCB,” a source close to the player told Target.

“On several occasions, he made it clear that leaving the AFC Jaguars was not his direct desire, but considering the changes in the environment, especially last season, he had no choice but to leave.”

In his farewell message, the central defender said that he “choose peace” because he hopes everything goes well for the local giants.

“I want to leave a team that I love, a team that I will always cherish. I will never forget the moments we shared together. The ending does not define my stay,” he wrote Facebook.

“I had hoped that my ending in this beautiful club was different, but a lot of things happened and I chose peace because the club is bigger than anyone and deserves respect.

AFC Leopards captain Robinson Kamura and Elvis Rupiah.

“To the lovely fans of the AFC Leopards;

“There is no love like your love. Your enthusiasm for the club is so great. It promotes the team to some extent. I hope you know everything I like about you. You make me love the club more. It’s easy. Play for the badge with your support.

“‘Honestly, I will never forget you, my people. One love, let me say’tuko pamoja’ [we are together]. I will miss you, you are AFC Leopards, AFC Leopards is you, the lovely fans continue to love and support.

“I hope everything goes well for the AFC Leopards. Thank you AFC Leopards. Thank you for everything you do.”

When Osmus was appointed as the coach, he took the armband from Ka Village and handed it over to Isaac Kippegan, who was appointed as the first captain. So far, Elvis Rupiah, who has left the AFC Jaguars for Saudi Arabia’s Bisa Football Club, has been appointed as the assistant captain.

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