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“I am scared to ask Cristiano Ronaldo for a photo”-Edin of Schalke recalls the encounter with the former Real Madrid striker

The German midfielder admitted that when he was a youth team player, he was too “shy” to recognize the Portuguese superstar.

Mehmet-Can Aydin recalled his early encounter with Cristiano Ronaldo in Schalke, revealing that he was “fearful to ask the former Real Madrid striker for a photo before the Champions League game”.

Aiding joined Schalke’s youth team at the age of 12 in 2014, when the German club’s senior lineup was a frequent visitor to the Champions League.

The German midfielder first tasted the taste of the European elite competition because he was allowed to participate in a game between Schalke and Real Madrid. At that time, Ronaldo was on their list. He remembered when he saw a football player. He was shocked when he was the greatest player in history.

What did you say?

Edin said that the current Manchester United striker’s former Blancos teammate Raul and the former Schalke talisman Julian Draxler had a similar impact on him, as he adapted to the new environment of the Vetterings Arena.

“I am a very shy boy, and when they are playing here, I dare not ask for a picture of players like Raul or Draxler,” said the 19-year-old player Target with Spocks.

“The first game I watched as a youth player at the Viltings Arena was the Champions League match against Real Madrid.

“Shortly after the final whistle, I suddenly stood two meters away from Cristiano Ronaldo. In that case, I didn’t dare to ask him for photos.”

Edin’s example

However, Edin did not regard Ronaldo as his main role model. Bayern Munich’s Joshua Kimmich and Liverpool full-back Trent Alexander-Arnold are currently his two most admired players in European competitions.

“I think Joshua Kimmich is absolutely outstanding when he plays on the right. Especially on the offensive end, he is very dangerous,” he said.

“Alexander Arnold from Liverpool is also an excellent player. I like his crosses and possession.”

Edin’s passion for Schalke

Ai Ding gradually entered Schalke’s first team and played 6 times in their ill-fated 2020-21 season, eventually ending in relegation.

The German U20 international has been the head coach Dimitrios Grammozis (Dimitrios Grammozis) at the beginning of the new season’s team roster, and said that he has supported the club throughout his childhood. I made my dream.

“I have been in Schalke for eight years and have met a lot of great people,” Adding added. “The sense of community is huge. What I think is really cool is that the youth team is located on the same training ground as the professionals.

“I have been following the Vertins Arena since I was a little boy. It is my goal and my dream to play there one day.”

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