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Hurricane news and rumors: Health, Jarvis and Trocheck

This week, the Carolina Hurricane Still one of the best and hottest teams in the league. In a difficult game with the Philadelphia Flyers, the Hurricanes collapsed in the third quarter, allowing two unresolved goals to fall 2-1. The team was impressive at the PNC Arena the next night. A profound victory defeated the St. Louis team and revived. Louis Bruce. Now, the team is heading west, where they are not great in history; as the week goes on, we will definitely talk about this phenomenon.

In today’s news and rumors, we will discuss a somewhat strange player in a season, a teenager who seems to have played for a long time in a big club, and some injury news that can bring a huge improvement to the team on the Pacific coast. Let us enter it.

Hurricane basically returns to health in Vegas

Lost Nino Niederet It was a heavy blow to Carolina. He is often overlooked because of the star power in the Hurricanes lineups like Sebastian Aho, Teuvo Teravainen and Andrei Svechnikov, but Niederreiter’s ability to score in the team’s third line has been a key part of the Hurricanes’ success over the past few seasons. He definitely fits the way head coach Rod Brind’Amour wants his team to play. As a forward-looking, stubborn player, he works in dirty areas and causes problems for the low-pair defensive players he often encounters.

Nino Niederreiter, Carolina Hurricane (Amy Owen / Hockey writer)

Therefore, it is no wonder that during his absence, the Hurricanes have been working hard to put the puck in the net. In the past four games, the team has only scored 8 goals-for math masters, an average of two goals per game. This average is less than half of what they scored in the first nine games, when they scored 37 points, or an average of more than four points per game.

However, Niederreiter is not the only culprit here. Martin Necas Out of the game due to illness, Brett Pesce-he brilliantly boarded the second strong play unit and helped replace some of the offense left by Doggy Hamilton-was absent after a terrible fall into the hole card Four games were played. Chicago Blackhawks. Fortunately for the Hurricanes, all three players practiced before the Vegas game, as well as goalkeeper Antti Raanta.

Jesper Fast, who did not practice for #Canes yesterday, is doing morning exercises on the ice. Necas, Niederreiter, Pesce and Raanta also participated.

There is no doubt that it will go a long way for this team to recover from this difficult Western Conference swing. Brett Pesce is temporarily absent, but the forward group and substitute goalkeeper Raanta have returned to the field on Tuesday night. Finnish netizens made 21 dazzling saves on 23 shots against Vegas, winning his second victory with the Hurricanes. Considering how many high-crisis meetings he had to avoid, his performance was better than The statistics show better.

The team returned to a healthy four-goal average in the first game of the offense. Necas recorded two assists. Niederreiter looked like his normal self as a pre-check and puck possession threat, while Brind’Amour was in Rolling four lines throughout the game players returned to their typical role lineup. This is a fairly complete effort for the team.

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This depth has been the key to the Hurricanes’ success throughout the season, but it has been tested in the absence of key players over the past few weeks. The team will definitely be happy to have something like “healthy” moving forward on the road trip.

Jarvis stay here?

In an interview with Sara Civian Sports meeting, Rookie topic Seth JarvisThe deadline of 10 games came to the Hurricanes general manager Don Wardell. Wardell mentioned the seamless transition of the 19-year-old player to the professional game. It seems that he belongs to his first six NHL appearances: “…in the way he plays, of course he looks like a little bit. Incompatibility-that’s for sure. And, you know, it’s a long year. We will suffer some harm. So, having such a set of skills is very valuable for us, because once we send him Go back, we can’t call him again. That’s why you’ll wait for it as much as possible before making a decision.” (Excerpt from “Don Waddell Q&A: Hurricanes General Manager vs. Team Cup Opportunity, Will They Will Let Seth Jarvis return to his junior year and so on”, Sports meeting, November 11, 2021).

In a way, this is not necessarily a reliable hint of the hurricane plan, but he made a good point about the depth that Jarvis provided. If you just look at it by scoring in the penalty area, the goals and assists in six games will of course not be off the page, but everything this kid has done on the ice is impressive. The speed and skill are obvious, but what goes further with Brind’Amour is his play in the defensive zone and his professional ethics in the third zone. He has won many hockey games, whether it’s reading wisely and safely when there is nothing to push the offense, or breaking dangerous opportunities at the back, or just hitting the puck deeper when the team needs it. For a high-level player, his aversion to mistakes and risk-taking behavior is impressive.

Seth Jarvis Carolina Hurricane
Seth Jarvis, Carolina Hurricanes (Photo: Gregg Forwerck/NHLI via Getty Images)

Oh, let’s not forget the two consecutive nights that were not allowed goals, one was after an offside review and the other was blown to death in a delayed free throw against St. Louis… well, in my opinion Come, it shouldn’t. The Blues’ Marco Skandra seems to have never really touched it, let alone gain possession of the ball.

On Tuesday night in Vegas, Jarvis found a twine for three consecutive games, and only this goal no It’s back. Instead, in the Hurricanes’ 4-2 victory over the Golden Cavaliers, his third stage mark became the winner of the game. He also made two powerful moves. He put a bigger defender on his hips to protect the puck and cut into the Vegas net to create a huge scoring opportunity for Vegas goalkeeper Robin Lenner. For a younger kid, he has questions about how to play against NHL defenders, and he seems certain to check that box and many others in every game.

It’s always interesting to see how Brind’Amour uses Jarvis during this coming time. If he continues to get time on ice in the top six—as he seems to be, and if there are any signs of his first game with the healthy forwards—he seems really ready to tear up the scoring table in the near future. I won’t say absolutely, but we have reached the point where it makes me hard to believe that Jarvis will leave the Carolina Hurricanes this season. The child is here.

Trocheck passed

In the shortened 2020-21 season, if you poll who is the MVP of the Hurricanes, a large number of Hurricanes fans and media members may vote for Vincent Troček. Well, anyway, the brave few did not vote for Jordan Starr-sometimes it’s easy to forget how ridiculous the captain was last year.

Trocheck’s first season in Carolina sometimes dominated. He scored 17 goals and 43 points in 47 games. He is the elite of the scrimmage circle, but the injury and subsequent small decline in the late season made him lower than the average scoring.

Vincent Trocheck Carolina Hurricane
Vincent Trocheck, North Carolina Hurricane (Photo: Eliot J. Schechter/NHLI via Getty Images)

Fast forward to this season, and Trocheck seems to have just begun. He scored almost every time he passed the ball, but his decision-making was sometimes unstable, leading to more mistakes and missed opportunities than we saw from him last year. However, what happened on Tuesday night: goals, assists, an astonishing seven hits, and 13 faceoff victories (62%) in 21 attempts. Trocheck and his teammates dominate in Las Vegas, Corsi For (CF) is 17, Every natural statistics technique… and Corsi Against (CA) is 1.In layman’s terms, this means that Trocheck, Necas and Teravainen’s shooting attempts while on the ice are 17 to 1. Oh my goodness.

If we start this year Trocheck’s score is still lower than the scoring speed of each game, and the team’s depth in the forward team is impressive, and the depth has improved, and he has reached another level as he progresses. A grade? Beware. The 28-year-old center will become an unrestricted free agent at the end of the season, but discussions about pricing himself outside of Carolina can wait. Now, just let him be a key part of the team bringing the Stanley Cup back to Raleigh.

Look to the future

This tricky six games will continue on Thursday at the Honda Center in Anaheim, where they will face the scorching Ducks, who have won eight consecutive games. After the matchups with the San Jose Sharks and the Seattle Sea Monsters, the Hurricanes will stay in California to play against another surprising team of the Los Angeles Kings, stop in Philadelphia next week, and finally return home. It was a difficult trip, there were a lot of trips, but the Hurricanes should still hope to get as many points as possible on the team they should beat now.

As the Hurricanes hope to return to their all-round ability soon, they should also re-establish themselves as one of the best teams in hockey.Losing two in five games is not bad, but process Aspects have sometimes been lacking lately-especially considering that the team has surpassed a multi-goal lead in two of the past three games. Brind’Amour will look for a more complete 60-minute effort while continuing to try to figure out the best way to use the huge talents in the entire roster. We should understand how this team will develop in the long term in the next few weeks.

What’s the matter, guys, my name is Brandon Stanley. I am reporting on the Carolina Hurricane at THW. I was born and raised in Raleigh, North Carolina, and started playing hockey when I could stand up. When I was young, I traveled all over North America with the Carolina Little Hurricane Organization. This game has always been my biggest passion. I also have a podcast with two other writers (one of them, Alex Ohari, who is also a THW writer) called Tracking Storm. The pod covers all the content of the Carolina Hurricanes, from the prospect to the game review and everything in between. I can chat with anything related to hockey at any time, so feel free to tweet or DM me on Twitter @bwstanley26!

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