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Hungary ordered to participate in WC qualifiers behind closed doors

Following a racist incident in the match against England this month, FIFA banned fans from entering the stadium and imposed a fine of 200,000 Swiss francs (US$217,000). Hungary must play the next World Cup qualifiers empty.

FIFA stated that during the match at the Puskas Arena in Budapest, the Hungarian Football Federation (MLSZ) was sanctioned “for the racist behavior of many supporters,” including another closed-door game that had been suspended. England won 4-0.

“After analyzing all the circumstances of the case, especially the seriousness of the incident (racist words and deeds, throwing objects, lighting fireworks, blocked stairs), the (Disciplinary) Committee decided that there will be no spectators in the next two home games of MLSZ FIFA. The second game was suspended for two years,” FIFA said in a statement.

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Hungary’s next qualifier will play against Albania on October 9.

After an incident occurred during the team’s Euro 2020 match at the Puskas Arena, UEFA imposed UEFA sanctions on fans’ “discriminatory behavior” in July. After that, UEFA must also The next two games will be played in the empty field.

MLSZ did not immediately comment.

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