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How to properly shallow the club

  1. Note that it becomes shallow in the wrong way, where CLUBFACE is compromised, resulting in Flip shock.

  2. Attention becomes shallower Tilt the spine Stay away from PIVOT rotating damaged targets.

A great take-home exercise is to stand in front of the mirror with the cue (be careful!) and 1. Feel Wrist twist In the process of descent, to position the face to achieve success and 2. Feel Keep the lead shoulder low The transition period is longer.

Create the right look, if it is exaggerated, go to the practice range with the necessary feeling in front of the mirror.

Don’t spend too much time on Wall scraper, But give it about six attempts just to help organize the proper feel and feel Proper lightening Exercise really feels like.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Thank you for watching/reading, I sincerely hope this will help you hit the ball!

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