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“He played very well against Zaha and Ayou”-Liverpool coach Klopp praised Konat

After an impressive Hawks debut against Patrick Vieira, the Reds coach was full of praise for Mali’s prospects

The Liverpool coach described Ibrahima Konat’s potential as “unbelievable” after his encouraging performance against Crystal Palace.

The 22-year-old has joined the Red Army for 35 million pounds and has a five-year contract. He has left a deep impression on the Bundesliga team Leipzig.

Despite this, he made his debut in Saturday’s Premier League game against Patrick Vieira (Patrick Vieira).

The 22-year-old teamed up with Virgil van Dijk, Kostas Tsimikas and James Milner to stop the Eagles’ offense and help the 19th British Kings keep zero goals.

The German tactician was very impressed by Konat’s performance. When asked if the former French youth international needs an adaptation process, Klopp said Club website: “Yes, of course, this is very important. I think we all see the boy’s potential-it’s incredible.

“Physical fitness, skills, understanding of the game, everything, but when you are a little boy, you are as skilled as Ibou, then you sometimes rely on these skills, and the Premier League will teach you severe lessons.

“[Saturday] Crystal Palace is a good example, first Benteke, then Edward, Zaha has been cutting inside, around Ayou…These are all suitable forwards, he did a very good job.

“Of course, when you play your first game, when you play on a brand new last line, it may not be very good, but on this side, with Vig and Millie, the effect is very good. ——Costas also played a top game.”

When talking about whether he is keen to rotate the lineup in the 2021-22 season, Klopp said that he has more expectations for Mali’s prospects.

“He still has a lot to do,” he continued.

“He is still very young, yes, of course, they all have to adapt to our way of playing and the league, of course.

“This is a special league. He is in very good form and I am very happy about this process.

“We will rotate, we always rotate, but you see in the last row of the past few years that we really can’t rotate because there are always at most two suitable [centre-backs] Many times-the third is already a midfielder.

“In midfield, I hope we have data to do [it] We need it because, as I said before the game, this is the team’s engine room and we need to make changes there.

“In the early stage, we also have different opportunities, so this is good. How often do we do it, I did not make a plan for this season, but do it as often as possible.”

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