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Hayes’ injury may give Frost an opportunity

After it has been processed Losing Ryan Ellis In the next 4-6 weeks, the Philadelphia Flyers must now find a long-term replacement Kevin Hayes Because he is officially listed as weekly.Hayes has only missed two games this season Abdominal surgery This prevented him from playing for the first 6 to 8 weeks of the season. At the end of these 6-8 weeks, he returned to the Flyers. In two games against the Dallas Stars and the Calgary Fire, he averaged two points (1G, 1A) in 14 minutes per game.

Injury update: According to AV, Flyer forward Kevin Hayes was injured again in the game against Calgary on November 16 and is considered once a week.

His return is highly anticipated because he provides a jump in scoring for the Flyers in the lineup. Overall, Leaflet is 31-3-2 In games where he scored a goal, including the playoffs, his presence in the lineup is more important than ever. If his absence is longer than expected, his absence will prove to be a difficult vacancy to fill.

Hayes returns in emotional victory

In front of his first home game Full of people Since March 2020, he scored a goal that could easily become the most memorable goal of his career. He scored in the second quarter of the game against the Fire. After the goal, he pointed to the sky in memory of his late brother Jimmy Hayes, who died on August 23 at the age of 31.

“This is a big goal. The coach got the hockey puck for me,” Hayes said during the game. Interview after the game“I want to give it to Jimmy’s son Bo, and I will remember it forever.”

During the same period, he twisted his right leg in the wrong direction and left the game after being entangled with the stick of Fire forward Elias Lindholm (Elias Lindholm). He will walk down the tunnel to be evaluated by the trainer, but will come back to finish the game at the beginning of the third quarter.

Hayes said after the game: “I was a little panicked, but I talked to the coach and figured it out.”

What’s wrong with Hayes?

Hayes missed Thursday’s game against the Tampa Bay Chargers due to an undisclosed injury, but no one really knows what happened. Shortly after the game, the Flyers head coach Alan Vignyote confirmed that Hayes’ absence from training was related to injuries, but he would not be able to share more information until 48-72 hours after the game.

He was eventually scratched in a game against the Boston Bruins on Saturday night, but the team still has no more information about his state. (Excerpt from “The Philadelphia Inquirer”, “The Philadelphia Inquirer”, November 20, 2021, second-line center Kevin Hayes (Kevin Hayes) was absent “The flyer still embraces the’next man’s mentality'”.

Kevin Hayes Philadelphia Flyer
Kevin Hayes, Philadelphia Flyers (Amy Owen / Hockey writer)

“For us, he is a very good player,” winger Joel Farabi said of Hayes. “I think in terms of his energy and how he improves players and things like that, he brings a lot of things. When he is not on the court, this is definitely a vacancy that needs to be filled. I think this year’s story is that kind of The mindset of the next person.”

As Sam Carchidi reportsHayes went to Florida with the team, but is not expected to play against the Chargers and the Florida Panthers. On Monday afternoon, the team finally announced that he will come back every week after being injured again in the game against Calgary on November 16. With Hayes out for at least the next few weeks, Flyers are scrambling to find a replacement to fill his role.

Potential replacement for Hayes

With Hayes officially out in the next few weeks, the Flyers will have to quickly propose a long-term replacement.Fans on social media suggest reposting Morgan Frost, Currently working at Lehigh Valley Phantoms, was called in to fill this role. Frost currently has 15 points (3G, 12A) in 16 games this season. Although he is certainly a viable candidate to fill the role of Hayes, is he a long-term alternative?

Morgan Frost won the second game of the season (1G-1A tonight) and tied the score 2-2 in Rochester. Cam York and Logan Day provided assists. https://t.co/kqUnz2tduP

Frost has not had a chance to truly prove himself at the National Hockey League level in his career, so this is the perfect opportunity for him to do so. The Flyers not only gave him a chance to prove himself, but also allowed him to get valuable playing time in the highest level of hockey games.

This is almost a breeze for the Flyers, because they have already tried to fill this position with Max Willman. He has done a good job of filling this position, and there are better players, such as Frost, who can also fill this role. It will be interesting to see how the Flyers perform in a few games in Florida, but it’s no surprise to see him join the team soon.

Morgan Frost Philadelphia Flyer
Morgan Frost, Philadelphia Flyer (Amy Owen / Hockey writer)

Although no plans have been announced for who will play the role when Hayes is injured, it deserves close attention, because it is only a matter of time before Frost pulls the orange and black jersey off his head again. Although it is certainly difficult to lose one of the best players on the ice in Hayes, the Flyers need to take full advantage of this situation and replace him with the best option.

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