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Hardik Pandya did not participate in the South Africa trip; was required to report to the NCA

After being eliminated from the home series new Zealand, The report shows Hardick Pandia Due to health issues, he doubts whether he will be selected to participate in the upcoming South Africa Tour.

According to Inside Sport, Hardick has been asked to National Cricket Academy (NCA), he will receive rehabilitation there and need to prove his health before returning to the Indian team.

His recovery from injuries mainly depends on rest.He should visit NCA soon, and we will call and invite him to participate in the South Africa Tour based on his health.,” a BCCI official told Inside Sport.

Hardick participated in his last test match U.K 2018. Since then, he has not participated in the red ball cricket competition.

Officials also confirmed that Hardick’s current physical condition is sufficient to pass the physical fitness test required for the longest format.

At this moment, he is far from reaching the level of fitness required for the cricket test. He needs time, and we don’t want to rush like before the World Cup.If he is ready, he will be sent to ODI and T20 series,” the official added.

Hardik may not even appear in the upcoming Baroda Vijay Hazard TrophyThe chooser hopes that he will be fully adapted before participating in any competition.

Playing in Vijay Hazare will depend on his health. We have an important series coming soon, and he is better to stay healthy than playing in Hazar. But this is a call that needs to be answered after he is completely healthy. Currently, he is not. If he wants to play, it depends on him,“The official concluded.

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