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Golfer Tiger Woods joined the NFT craze and released 10,000 digital images to be sold through a company co-founded by Tom Brady

Tiger Woods Participating in the latest digital craze, releasing a series of non-fungible tokens (NFT) through a company co-founded by the following people Tom Brady The collaboration with Upper Deck is called Autograph.

Woods, along with Tony Hawke, Derek Jeter, and Wayne Gretzky, are members of the Autograph Advisory Board. Simone Byers with Naomi OsakaThe company has issued NFTs for Brady, Gretzky, and most other athletes on the board.

Woods said in a statement: “The intersection of sports and technology is so interesting for me. I am very happy to work with Autograph because they usher in a new era of digital collections.” “I am honored to join them. The advisory board, so that they have so many iconic athletes, I look forward to bringing fans closer to my unforgettable sports moments and games that I respect very much at an affordable price.”

Autograph’s so-called “top-of-the-line” version was released on the Autograph and DraftKings marketplace on Tuesday. Woods will also release a digitally autographed version, which will go on sale on September 28.

The first series will provide 10,000 digital photos of Woods, with prices ranging from US$12 to US$100, with only 375 versions in the US$100 option. There are only 300 digital versions of NFTs signed by Woods; their prices range from $250 to $1,500.


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