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Gautam Gambhir named a batsman who can rule Jasprit Bumrah in the IPL

Indian fast bowler Jasprit Bumla It is one of the best pacemakers in modern cricket. His unusual movements, flashing speed, highest accuracy, and extraordinary ability to provide the perfect York ball make him an extraordinary bowler.

Recently, during the oval test U.K, Bumrah showed his lessons and turned things around By offering amazing spells Help India rebound and finally achieve an unforgettable victory.

Even in the shortest format considered to be batter-friendly, the Ahmedabad lad dominates and often shows his top bowling ball. In the toughest T20 league in the world—— Indian Premier League (IPL) – Bumrah has played an important role in Bombay Indians‘Success and consistency in winning the competition and the IPL championship.

But according to Former India Opener Gautam Gambier, Only one batsman can be a fashionable cricket player like Bumrah AB de VilliersIn a conversation with the Star Sports network, Gambhir said that he did not see anyone chasing Bumrah like De Villiers did in a cash-rich league.former Kolkata Cavaliers (KKR) The captain called ABD a “freak” because it performed so consistently with Bumrah.

“He (Villat) got people like AB de Villiers and Glenn Maxwell, which is a huge buffer. Even if it’s not Maxwell, AB is a huge buffer because there is only one person who can be like Jasprit Bumrah, And it’s AB de Villiers. I haven’t seen other people doing this to Bumrah all the time, but AB is a freak,” Gambier said.

Gambhir also emphasized that De Villiers and Captain RCB Willat Colley Under the greatest pressure, work hard to win the championship. The politician, who is a cricketer, said that since RCB has not won the IPL championship, the pressure has been increasing year by year.

“But yes, it’s clear that by Wirat’s standards, they want to go out and dominate the opposition, especially in the IPL. In an international cricket game, you have 5 or 6 top international bowlers, and Not in the IPL. You may have 2 or 3 international bowlers, and then there are domestic bowlers, you can control them. So, maybe Virat and AB are also facing a lot of pressure, this may be one of the reasons, if You have not won that championship year after year, and the pressure will continue to increase.” Gambier added.

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