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Game fix: Ghana Football Association accuses Ashanti Gold and Inter Milan in the Premier League

Two clubs face heavy penalties for playing bento last season

The Ghana Football Association has announced that the Ghana Football Association has charged Ashanti Gold and Inter Milan with multiple game manipulation allegations.

The two clubs are in trouble due to the alleged settlement of the 34th round of the Ghana Premier League last season.

The Ghanaian police are also investigating these two teams.

“Ashanti Gold SC and Inter Allies FC were both accused by GFA prosecutors of improper conduct of game manipulation during the week 34 of the 2020-21 Ghana Premier League at Obuasi Len Clay Stadium on July 17, 2021,” GFA stated above Stated Official website on Friday.

“After investigating the misconduct, the GFA prosecutor accused Ashanti Gold SC of violating three misconducts under Article 34(5)(a) and 34(6)(d) of the 2019 GFA Premier League Regulations Article 18(1) of the GFA Disciplinary Code, 2019.

“Inter Allies FC has also been charged with two wrongdoings for violating Section 34(5)(a) and 34(6)(d) of the 2019 GFA Premier League Regulations.

“The two clubs are expected to submit their defense statements on or before Wednesday, September 22, after which the GFA Disciplinary Committee will decide their cases separately. Some players and officials of the two clubs have also been charged.”

In this decisive match, Ashantikin won 7-0, including two own goals, and viral post-match footage on social media showed the so-called “cheap goals”.

Subsequently, Inter defender Hashmin Moussa, who came off the bench in the second half and scored two own goals, admitted that he deliberately placed the ball behind his goalkeeper with the intention of frustrating his skeptical stance and fixing the 5-0 goal line.

“Our football has been attacked by faceless cowards. It is the responsibility of me and the executive committee to defend the enthusiasm of the country,” GFA owner Okkraku Comment On the topic of last month.

“Everyone who participated in the competition [in match-fixing relating to betting] Will face.

“We will clean up our sport and bring confidence in this sport that provides food for me and all of us. This sport brings hope and inspiration to all 30 million people in this country.

“If you are here and you know you played a role, be prepared.”

Before the above-mentioned game, the allies had confirmed their relegation, and Ashantikin finally ranked ninth in the standings.

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