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Former NBA star JR Smith was stung by the Hornets and won high scores in the first college golf tournament

Burlington, North Carolina – JR Smith Stepping into the Hornets’ nest in his first college golf tournament has nothing to do with his high score.

The 36-year-old two-time NBA champion was stung by the Hornets when he finished his round at A&T in North Carolina on the second day of the Elon Phoenix Invitational.

“Being stabbed in a basketball court or arena has never happened,” said Smith, now a freshman. “This is one of the few things you (in basketball) don’t have to worry about-other animals. When I get stung, I’m like’impossible.'”

The Hornets just added Smith’s No Birdie Round with an 8-shot 79 to the layout designed by Donald Ross.Combine his Two rounds on Monday, He scored 29 strokes with more than 240 strokes-ranked 81st in 84 games.

Smith said he was determined to improve because he knew that others were paying attention.He and Suns Guard Chris Paul After the two rounds of the game on Monday, the opinions of former NBA teammates were heard as part of the group text.

“I got a lot of good feedback,” Smith said. “Chris Paul told me that people are talking about this in the locker room. They are really looking for my score, so I have to take care of the business, so when I see them, there won’t be much backlash.”

Nevertheless, he still had an impact in the event. After the game, Presbyterian’s partner Mason Whatley went to take a photo with Smith.

“He makes people think golf is cool,” Watley said.

When the Hornets launched their offense, becoming an ambassador for the game was not Smith’s top priority.

This happened on the third hole of his third round at Alamance Country Club. His tee shot left the fairway and embedded in the pine grass. He found the ball, but the wheels of his trolley rolled over the bird’s nest.

Before he needed treatment, Smith waved his arms and quickly left the area. Smith, along with George Washington and Watley’s partner Florian Bratty, received a 15-minute break in other group matches.

“I tried to make it positive,” Smith said, referring to wearing a suit when he was sick in the NBA. “This may be the equivalent of a flu game.”

Smith ranks sixth in scoring among the six players on his team. The Aggies ranked 11th among 13 teams, 57 times behind the pace set by Championship champion Elon.

Smith played in the NBA for 16 years, won the championship in Cleveland in 2016, and won the championship with the Los Angeles Lakers in the Florida pandemic last year. The Lakers won the championship exactly one year before his debut as an Aggies golfer.

Smith said he will play a tentative round next week with the recently retired North Carolina basketball coach Roy Williams. Before entering the NBA in 2004, Smith originally planned to play basketball for Williams’ tar high heels.


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