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Flyers’ Wade Allison one step closer to comeback by joining Phantoms

Much-needed help is coming philadelphia flyer. Per Anthony SanFilippo, Flyer Writer span the vastness, forward Wade Allison Returns to action this weekend with the Lehigh Valley Phantoms in the American Hockey League (AHL). Once fully healthy, Alison will likely be recalled by the Flyers after a few games with the Phantoms. He’s the much-needed tough talent the Flyers have been looking for all season.

heard this morning @NHLFlyers Forward Wade Ellison will meet Saturday in the AHL @LVPhantoms. The plan is to have Allison play a few games with them and then, assuming he’s healthy, be recalled by the Flyers.

This is big news for Alison and the flyers Dealing with elbow injuries This will keep him inaccessible for an undisclosed period since early December. The extent of the injury wasn’t known at the time, but it certainly wasn’t as serious as he was ready to return.He has only played three games this season due to injury, so this will be a huge opportunity to focus make an impact and keep things running smoothly.

Alison’s Influence on Flyers

Since being selected by the Flyers in the 2016 NHL draft, Allison has had an immediate and lasting positive impact on the organization. He quickly became a favorite of the team’s management and fans.

“He’s an amazing, enthusiastic kid, very personable, and loves the game,” said Mike O’Connell, Flyers general manager/senior player development advisor. “Right away, looking at his first few practices, I was impressed with his shot. He had an incredible release, NHL shots…I think he has a good chance Be a great NHL player. Use that shot, get him into the open, give him an idea of ​​where he’s on the ice, where he’s going to score. He looks like a scorer to me, and I feel good about his future excited.”

wade alison philadelphia flyer
Wade Allison of the Philadelphia Flyers (Jeanine Leech/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Having played 14 NHL games with the Flyers last season, Allison had seven points (4 goals, 3 assists), including two in a season-ending game against the Washington Capitals, one of which was the winning goal ball. While his time in the NHL is short, hopefully this is just the beginning of a long and successful career with the Flyers.

“Just getting a sample of speed and fitness is huge,” Allison said. “Just a guide, test the water and stuff. Good. I’m confident in my abilities and I think I can contribute to the team this year.”

He’s the type of player who could turn things around for the Flyers this season. Between his talent and energy, he provides a positive spark to the lineup no matter who he plays with. Not only is he capable of playing top-line minutes, but he’s also versatile enough to fill the bottom six forward spots and take those lines to the next level.

Overcoming difficult challenges

Alison’s career has been tough so far, but he continues to make the most of every opportunity he’s been given. Dealing with injury time and time again, he spends more time on the ice than he does. The drive he finds to keep coming back every time sets him apart from the competition.

“You go to work, you get bumped, and you have to take care of it before you have to perform, which is an extra weight,” O’Connell said. “It makes things more difficult for a young player trying to prove himself in the best league in the world. Refreshing him, keeping him in the right mindset physically will only boost his mental health and confidence, and Cope with all the little setbacks that can happen when you play in the best league in the world, or try to play in the best league in the world.”

Allison hopes to give it his all with the Ghosts this weekend and hopes to stay healthy for the foreseeable future. His talent and energy are sorely needed in a struggling Flyers lineup.

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