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Flyer’s top 5 fantasy hockey options

this Philadelphia flyer They have started their development camp, which means that the season is getting closer and closer. With many new members and older veterans of the Flyers preparing for their season, it’s time to look at the potential top fantasy players on the team.

For fantasy hockey fans who want to join the team, the Flyers have several people who can have a powerful influence in fantasy hockey. In the past few seasons, Claude Giroux, Sean Couturier and former Flyer Jake Voracek have been the best in Flyers’ in Fantasy. In this article, I will list five must-have draft picks from the Flyers, as well as some notable choices for fantasy teams.

Claude Giroud

There is no doubt that Giroux was selected into the fantasy team. Since joining the Flyers in 2006, the captain of the Flyers has created strong data. Giroud can provide some goals for the team, but mainly brings a lot of assists. With the addition of Cam Atkinson, his team finally has a natural scorer. If they play together, Giroud can get a lot of points.

Claude Giroux, Philadelphia Flyers (Amy Owen / Hockey writer)

In the past few seasons, Giroud has also provided a very good power to the Flyers lineup, making him one of the best in the NHL. According to RotoWire, Giroud’s 11 points last season was his lowest since he was 20 years old in the 2008-09 season. Hope this will change this season, which is the last year of his contract.

Cam Atkinson

Since being selected by the Columbus Blues in the sixth round of the 2008 NHL Draft, Atkinson has been one of the best scoring players in the NHL. After the Flyers traded long-term striker Volacek to the Blue Jackets for Atkinson in a one-on-one manner, the striker with a “shooting first” mentality was acquired in mid-July. The former Boston College Eagles will reunite with former college teammate Kevin Hayes on the flyer.

Cam Atkinson Philadelphia Flyer
Cam Atkinson, Philadelphia Flyers (Amy Owen / Hockey writer)

Over the years, Atkinson has provided the team with solid fantasy value. Since the 2013-14 season, he has scored more than 40 points every season. The best year of his career was in the 2018-19 season. He scored 41 goals and 28 assists, scoring 69 points and becoming the league’s top scorer. The past two seasons have not been the best for the Blue Jackets, but Atkinson can improve his game with the Flyers and provide great fantasy value.

Sean Couturier

The former Selke trophy winner is a must-have draft for the fantasy team. Couturier is the first center of Flyers, signing a copy Renew Last summer it was worth 62 million U.S. dollars. “Coots” is a potential choice for the next captain of the Flyers after Giroud retires. He brings offensive and defensive skills and very strong leadership skills. He is a big and powerful center with strong skating skills, and he will continue to release great fantasy data.

Sean Couturier Philadelphia Flyer
Sean Couturier, Philadelphia Flyers (Jess Starr/Hockey writer)

In the 2011 NHL draft, Couturier was selected by the Flyers and ranked eighth. For many years, he has been an excellent scorer for the Flyers and has performed well in the playoffs. His best season was the 2017-18 season. He scored 31 goals and 45 assists for a total of 76 points. The following year, he will again score 76 points, 33 goals and 43 assists. Last season, as the team’s substitute captain, he ranked fourth with 41 points with 18 goals and 23 assists.

Ryan Ellis

Ryan Ellis Will immediately become a fan favorite of the Flyers organization. The former Nashville predator has played with the team for the past 11 seasons. Ellis will bring a strong presence to the Flyers on the blue line and provide a true number one partner for Ivan Provorov. He signed a contract with the team for the next six seasons.

“Ryan is an excellent all-around defender. In our opinion, he is one of the best passers in the blue line game. He is very good in transitions, he can hit powerful shots, and his shots are heavy. , And he is a very good penalty killer.”

Chuck Fletcher

Ellis will bring leadership to the Flyers as he has been the reserve captain of the Predators for the past three seasons. He can get a lot of assists with his organizational skills and transitional ability, play strong playing time on the ice, and play a key role in the defensive zone. Last year, Ellis did not have his best season anyway, but with a complete schedule of the season and a suitable new team, he could have had a good year and become a perfect fantasy supplement.

Ivan Provorov

Russian defender Ivan Provorov In the past few seasons, he has been the best defensive player on the Flyers. Provorov, who was selected by the team in 2017, brought a lot of offensive skills to the club. Since being selected by the Flyers, he has hardly missed a game, and he has a Warrior mentality in every game, in terms of blocking shots and doing anything to win.

Ivan Provolov Philadelphia Flyer
Ivan Provorov of the Philadelphia FlyersAmy Owen / Hockey writer)

With the new addition of the Predators Ellis, Provorov finally has a real first defender and veteran on the blue line. In the past few years, he has had multiple partners, including Justin Braun several times last season. If he has a stable partner, he has the ability to provide more points for the team. In the next few years, Ellis will help him immensely, but he can still provide reliable picks in the fantasy draft.

Other celebrities

Joel Farabee is a great choice for fantasy drafts. The Flyers’ scoring leader last season is getting better and better every season. He has proven that he can play on the top line of the Flyers and provide the team with consistent goals.

Rasmus Ristolainen Buffalo Sabre
Rasmus Ristolainen, Buffalo Sabre (Amy Owen / Hockey writer)

Rasmus Ristolainen played for a terrible Buffalo team. Ristolainen seems to be struggling to deal with the first role. Coming to the Flyers can help him, because his role in the team will be slightly smaller, thereby reducing his pressure. Either way, he can use his height and strength to provide a lot of defensive value because he likes to hit the ball.

Carthart ushered in a year of rebound. After a bad season last year, Hart will leave it behind and look for a better year this season. The defense has improved a lot, which should really help trying to maintain confidence in the net. He will be a risky fantasy draft, but if he does have a good year, the fantasy draft might be missed.

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