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Flyers could use John Klingberg to QB PP and fill in for Ellis

This philadelphia flyer Restructured and brought in impactful defensemen in the offseason Ryan Ellis and Rasmus Ristolainen.their season didn’t go according to plan So far, but the good news is they have 48 or so games left. They were four points behind but played more games, which added to the difficulty. Still, we’ve seen crazier comebacks from less-equipped teams.

David Paniota has confirmed that John Klinberg has made a trade request to the Dallas Stars. This is the final year of a seven-year deal he signed with the Stars in 2015. After the Stars signed Milo Heskanen to an eight-year deal for $8.45 million per season, he signed Ryan Suter for $3.65 million for four years and has already placed Esa Lindell in the With $5.8 million on the books for the next three seasons, there isn’t much money to put into Klingberg for the raise he wants and will get.

If a deal is reached, the Flyers’ best bet is to sign and trade with the Stars, giving them a guaranteed deal in years to come, regardless of the outcome of this season. The flyers have the contracts of Risto Reinen ($5.4 million) and Justin Braun ($1.8 million). Keith Yandel ($900,000), Kevin Connaughton ($825,000) and Nick Schiller ($750,000) ended the season. Whether the Flyers will bring back Ristolainen is uncertain, and they only have two proven NHL guards signed after this season.

The time to act may come sooner rather than later before an offensive defender like Klingberg becomes unavailable. Players with his set of skills on offense won’t be on the floor as often, especially as a right-handed guard. It could give the team hope this season, years of safety, a plan to meet demand, and whether Ellis continues to have injury issues.

strong quarterback

The Flyers tried to make it work with Ivan Provorov on the first power-playing unit, but he was more of an all-around defender and better suited for the second power-playing unit. Yandle isn’t a long-term solution to the Flyers’ power play, and he’s past his prime.

Klingberg is sure to be an upgrade at quarterback, as it has been a glaring weakness at 15.5 percent, 28th in the NHL. The Flyers need to change, and starting by tackling the defense again to really get the offensive defensive players they need would be a great start.

john klinberg dallas star team
John Klingberg, Dallas Star (Amy Owen /hockey writer)

Klingberg will bring all the offense that the Flyers can demand from a defender. He can line up efficiently and play with even power and power. For a player like James van Riemsdyke who lives on the edge of the net, the ability to hit the ball into goal from the blue line is key.

During his career, Klingberg scored 66 goals and scored 343 points in 503 regular-season games. Of those, 135 points (39%) came from Game of Thrones. Power games that can run more efficiently and convert at a higher rate could give the Flyers a better chance of winning every night and help increase their goals per game. The team averaged 2.59 goals per game, ranking 27th.

Earlier this season, the Flyers had a 10-game losing streak, scoring just 18 goals. Six of their defeats this year have been one goal difference, and more have been by two with the help of an empty net. A few more goals here and there, and the team is now in a tight playoff race. Kleinberg can help the team keep going, not just this season, but the ones to come.

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The money that can be freed up next season will be well allocated to that hole dealing with the flyers, and the rest should be in place.

Ellis injury concerns

If one of Ellis’ offseason acquisitions can stay healthy, the Flyers will also be in a different position. In the Flyers’ 34 games this season, he played in 4 and contributed 5 points. His career high of 41 points in a season so far is nearly impossible to keep up with. But the offense would be welcome.

Ryan Ellis of the Philadelphia Flyers
Ryan Ellis, Philadelphia Flyers (Amy Owen /hockey writer)

Ellis’ injury this season has created a hole that’s hard to fix. they lack options to properly make up for what they’ve missed for most of the season. Braun has spent most of the season with Provolov’s top duo, while Yandel has had to move to the right at times. Sealer entered the lineup in Ellis’ absence, but despite his solid form, he’s nowhere near the level of skill the team has lost to injury. Just recently, the Flyers called up Cam York and Egor Zamula to get some minutes, but the solution this season isn’t to bring inexperienced players into the roster for higher roles.

Ellis must have been pushed back into the lineup after recovering most of the time from his first injury, but it brought him back to the injured reserve and left the Flyers understaffed again.have a pretty Significant injury history Now with Ellis, as he played in just 49 games in 2019-20 and 35 in 2020-21.

Coming in, Klingberg has been and will be in the first defensive pairing next to Provorov, and could be the option the Flyers have to fill the huge hole already left. Who knows when Ellis will be back, or if he’ll stay healthy this season, or the remainder of his contract with the Flyers.

The Stars don’t have to move Klingberg, and probably won’t if they make the playoffs in a few months, but the Flyers should ask him anyway, because maybe a move could still be made. Flyers need to address any future issues that may arise in advance, while addressing their current issues.

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