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Florida Panthers prospect display notebook: the first game against Carolina

The Florida Panthers saw the 2021-22 game for the first time because their prospects are 2021 prospect display Church in Wesley, Florida. After the offense started slowly, the Panthers lost 3-1 to the Carolina Hurricanes in the first game of the championship.

The mistakes in the defensive zone gave the Hurricanes’ prospects enough to allow Spencer Knight to break through in the second quarter. At that time, Ryan Suzuki unloaded a timer in the standoff with 7 points and 40 points in the first quarter. Lorraine takes the lead. They won’t relax from there because Justin Robidas removed an evil wrist shot from the left scrimmage circle with 2:19 left in the second quarter, giving the Cane a 2-0 lead.

The Hurricanes built this momentum in the third quarter. Stelio Mattheos pushed a shot from a strong offensive zone to Knight and took a 3-0 lead in 56 seconds. It wasn’t until the Panthers pulled their goalkeepers to let them play when Robert Calisti took a shot that was deflected by Knight, rewriting the score to 3-1 with 56.5 seconds left in the game.

Although this is only the first of three games that the Panthers will play in this tournament, many of the storylines that fans should watch throughout the training camp have already begun. The following are some of my observations on the plots of these stories.

Spencer Knight is ready to compete for the starting job

Yes, Knight did concede three goals this morning, but he looked great. His save success rate is also 0.928, in that game he faced 39 shots from 42 shots. In these saves, I counted at least 15 excellent saves in high-risk scoring opportunities, especially in the second phase of the hurricane dominance.

Spencer Knight of the Florida Panthers (Photo: Eliot J. Schechter/NHLI via Getty Images)

Of these three goals, only Robidas’ goal looked like what a Cavaliers wanted. In Suzuki’s goal, Knight tried his best to reach the other side of the net before his beautiful shot, but his shot was so fast that Knight could not get there after the faceoff. In Matthews’ goal, Knight faced a violent shot before the game until his deflection defeated him and scored the third goal of the game.

Knight still has a lot of camps to prepare for the starting position, but he seems to be comfortable in the first game of the 2021-22 season.

Grigori Denisenko is a level higher than others

Although Grigori Denisenko did not appear on the scoreboard in Saturday’s game, it is clear that his skill level is at a different level from other players in the Prospect Showcase Championship. His speed posed problems for opponents, which became apparent when he caused a strange sprint in the first quarter and attracted a hook penalty to get the Panthers into their first strong game. .

Grigory Denisenko
(Grigori Denisenko. Photo: HC Lokomotiv)

Denisenko’s route with Anton Lundell and Logan Hustko was the most dynamic route on the ice for the two teams in that game. They created a lot of dangerous scoring opportunities, a large part of which is related to the speed and organizational ability of Jenisenko. He found Lundell on the slot machine many times throughout the game, but Eetu Makaniemi persevered.

Denisonco contributed four assists in seven games with the Panthers last season. He has proven that he can show the same tenacity at the NHL level. If he continues to show his skills throughout the game, he may Promote the roster for the first game. competition.

Blue line warfare needs more time to develop

The Panthers have three defensive players on hand, and they have the opportunity to compete for the start of the season on the team’s blue line: Matt Kilstead, John Ludwig and Max Gilden. Of these three players, Gilden and Ludwig were the only two who showed a flash of preparation for the NHL game in that game.

Max Gilden UNH
Max Gildon (Source: UNH Athletics)

As a result of spending a lot of time in their own area and making a lot of mistakes in the danger zone, it is clear that each of these players still has something to work on before entering the NHL full-time. However, Gilden does look the most comfortable in the defensive zone and is the best ball handler on the ice, while Ludwig is very aggressive in the offensive zone and helps create scoring opportunities in strong games.

Ludvig also showed great physical fitness in the defensive zone. While the Panthers’ penalty kick helped them clear the puck, he also made some huge hits. However, as the Hurricanes scored two of the three goals in a strong game, it became clear that Ludvig and his opponents needed to develop more in this aspect of the game.

Zdeno Chara Sign a one-year agreement For the New York Islanders this morning, left-handed defensive players have fewer and fewer choices in the free agency market, so the Panthers need to see more from these players before they can occupy the third place on the left.

There are still 26 days before the start of the 2021-22 season. As the Panthers continue their training camp, there are still many things worth paying attention to. Their next step is to play against the prospect of the Nashville Predators on Sunday, September 19th at 10:00 am.

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