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Fleury’s back is so close to greatness

He was selected first.

He won the Stanley Cup. To be precise, there are three.

He has been selected to the NHL All-Star five times.

Last season, he won the Jennings Trophy and the Vezina Trophy.

He was even nominated as NHL 2010 best team.

He ensured the credibility of the expansion franchise and became the spokesperson for their franchise. He also led them to two conference finals and one Stanley Cup final.

Las Vegas Golden Knights goalkeeper Mark Andre Fleury (29 years old) played against the Toronto Maple Leafs in the third quarter of the NHL hockey game in Las Vegas on Tuesday, November 19, 2019 There was a glove save. (AP Photo/John Rocher)

However, he was almost ready to leave.

Uprooting the life you built is unpleasant Shocking trade, Especially the one he had to find on Twitter:

His agent, Alan Walsh, made sure that the world knew how hurt and backstab he felt:

Be his agent Said he is considering his hockey future and possible retirement, The hockey world shook.

Especially after proving that he is still an elite Win the Vezina trophy For this past season. In fact, almost 20 years have passed since a defending champion was traded. In the transaction 20 years ago, The star of the Buffalo Sabres trade keeps Dominic Hassek in the Detroit Red Wings.

Fortunately, Fleury decided to stick with it in Chicago this season, and the team even released a video of him wearing his new jersey:

With “Will he or he won’t?” the drama is over, and now Hawks fans can expect Fleury to become a steady assistant next season.

At the same time, Fleury can focus on proving that Vegas was wrong in choosing Lena instead of him. He can also zero some records he is approaching.

This brings us to the focus of this article. Fleury is very close to multiple NHL records and he should consider playing at least a few more seasons. When he can become one of the best goalkeepers in history, why should he become a great goalkeeper in NHL history?

Martin Brodeur and Patrick Roy basically have a record book, but Fleury has the opportunity to put his name at least in the same stratosphere as them, because they have set many impressive goalkeeper records.

“Who is the best?” “We are the best!” Roy and Broad, maybe

Let’s take a look at some of the records that Fleury may not be able to break but can still become the top three in history.

Historical ranking of Marc Andre Fleury:

Games played:

Successive leaders: Martin Brodeur – 1,266 matches
Mark-Andre Fleury: 10th in history (active leader)-883 games
Record chase status: Did not happen. If Fleury plays 50 starts in three more seasons, he will surpass Patrick Roy to become third in history (1,029 games). Roberto Luongo, ranked second (1,044), is probably out of reach. Fleury needs to play 82 games for nearly five seasons to catch Broad. The fourth is the most likely outcome, but for Fleury, the third is worth pursuing. Third and fourth, it doesn’t matter, it’s still incredible.

Professional victory:

Successive leaders: Martin Brodeur – 691 wins
Mark-Andre Fleury: Third in history (active leader) – 492 wins
Record chase status: Fleury has ranked third in history, second only to the two giants. Brodeur and Roy are at the forefront of many of these records due to their careers and legendary skills. If Fleury plays three more seasons, he will almost certainly surpass Roy (551 wins). Sitting behind Brodeur in 199 victories, he won’t catch him. Fleury still needs 6 seasons to average 33 wins per game to catch up with the legendary New Jersey goalkeeper. The second in history is still a nice feather on the hat.

The NHL seriously used a photo of Brodeur’s top 100 players during his brief cooperation with the Blues. Go home to NHL, you are drunk! Photo:

Professional shootout won:

Leaders of all time: Henrik Lundqvist – won 61 shootouts
Mark-Andre Fleury: Third in history-58 penalty shootouts
Record chase status: it isIt is almost certain that Fleury will arrive first. Even if Lundqvist does participate in the NHL next year, This is far from certain, Fleury will almost certainly surpass him. This record may not last for a while, and Fleury’s closest active competitors are Jonathan Quick (won 46 games) and Carey Price (won 34 games). Neither of them could leave enough time in the tank to play long enough to catch Fleury.

Up to 20 or more winning seasons

Successive leaders: Patrick Roy – 20+ victories in 17 seasons
Mark-Andre Fleury: Tied for 4th in history (active leader)-20+ victories in 13 seasons
Record chase status: Fleury is extremely unlikely to break Roy’s record, but it is not impossible. I think Fleury should play two games this season. If he does, and has achieved more than 20 victories in each of these seasons, he will be 40 years old and tied for second place with Patrick Roy (20 games in 16 seasons). Even crazier things have happened, but I doubt whether Fleury will chase an unremarkable record in the 41-year-old season. Especially because even in his current position, this shows that his career has extraordinary, Hall of Fame-level consistency. The third time seems to be the most likely.

Career vs.

Successive leaders: Martin Brodeur – 31,709 matchups
Mark-Andre Fleury: 7th time in history – against 24,996 shots
Record chase status: Not too possible. Seth Jones has strengthened Chicago’s defense, but they are far from top-notch. However, in the next three seasons, Fleury needed to face more than 2,200 shots each season to have a chance to surpass Brodul. For context, in Conner Hellebuyck’s Vezina winning season, he faced more than 1,700 shots. The most likely scenario is that he completed the position of Patrick Roy in third place in history (28,346 shots against him). In addition, after entering this content, I realized that the occupation saving list is almost identical to the occupation shooting against the list, so I regarded Fleury as a lock for the top five in the record.

Career suspension

Successive leaders: Martin Brodeur-125 closes
Mark-Andre Fleury: 15th in history (active leader)-67 times eliminated
Record chase status: Fleury has no chance to get close to the top three of Brodeur, Terry Sawchuk (107 eliminated) and George Hainsworth (94 eliminated).

A digression, but Haynesworth set an incredible record of 22 outs in a single season-that season alone almost made him into the top 100 in history!

In other words, if Fleury plays for three more seasons, he still has a good chance of getting another 10-15 eliminations. 10 more outs will put Fleury in the top 10 (tied for 9th place is Luongo, 77 to be precise). Coupled with 15 lockouts, he will be tied for fifth with the legendary Jacques Plante’s 82 lockouts.

All in all, as you can see above, Fleury has a clear reason to prove that the Hall of Fame is one of the top 10 goalkeepers of all time. But why not stick to a few more seasons after this season and become one of the top three in history?

Fleury raised one of his three Stanley Cups in Pittsburgh. Photo: Matt Freed/The Gazette

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