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Flames’ Monahan on disappointing start to 2021-22 season

This Calgary FlamesDespite some recent struggles, the 2021-22 season has been solid so far. Players like Matthew Tkachuk and Johnny Gaudreau have bounced back well after an inconsistent 2020-21 season, as has goalie Jacob Markstrom.However, those who have been struggling are Sean Monaghan.

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In each of Monahan’s first seven seasons in the league, he scored at least 22 goals, three of which were over 30. In 2018-19, he appeared to have fully reached the NHL level, setting career highs with 34 goals and 82 points. But since that season, has been steadily declining.

Although Monahan still had 22 goals in 2019-20, he only scored 48 points, the fewest since his rookie season in 2013-14. Last season was even worse when he only scored 10 goals and 28 points in 50 games.Many hope and expect Offseason Hip Surgery would put him back on track, but so far in 2021-22, the slide continues as he has just four goals and 16 points in his first 33 games with the Flames.

Monaghan knows he needs to get better

For anyone watching the Flames this season, it’s clear that Monahan isn’t good enough. To make matters worse, his team hasn’t had much secondary scoring lately, making his struggles more of a talking point among the fanbase.Third on the team with a salary cap of $6.375 million, he wasn’t good enough, and he is very clear.

“For me, I have to start being patient and watch the net more,” Monahan said. “I kept pulling up and not shooting like I used to. I think once you do, you start using it. I have to live with it, get around the net more, work harder. You get a lot of looks at that point. “

Sean Monaghan, Calgary Flames (Amy Owen /hockey writer)

The first step in tackling the problem is accountability, and it doesn’t seem difficult for Monahan to admit he needs to improve his game. One of his particularly interesting comments was his mention of taking fewer shots, which must have played a role in his struggles.

During his 2018-19 career, he took 211 attempts in 78 games, which translates to 2.71 attempts per game. This season, he’s shooting just 49 times in 33 games, averaging just under 1.50 per game. That likely stems from a lack of confidence, as he’s shooting just 8.2 percent from the field this season, easily the worst of his career, and continuing a troubling downward trend.

In Monahan’s first six seasons in the league, he shot 15.11 percent from the field, a stellar percentage that comes from having one of the best shots in the game. That percentage peaked in 2018-19 at 16.11, and dropped to 13.3, 10.2 in the following seasons, and is now the aforementioned ghastly 8.2. It’s a shocking drop for a player who once looked as consistent as they were.

Can Monaghan get it back on track?

Many believe Monahan’s struggles over the past few seasons are the result of injuries, and there’s certainly an argument to back up that theory.Since the 2016-17 season, he went through many proceduresIncluding two wrist surgeries, two hernia surgeries, groin surgeries, and the aforementioned hip surgeries. That’s pretty broad for a player who’s only 27 years old, even though he’s far from the only injury-plagued player in the league.

In describing his struggles, the more optimistic look, and what both Flames management and fans should hope for, is a lack of confidence. If so, it would mean a couple of goals here or there to get him back to Monahan of the past, which would be a huge boost for this team. and into the playoffs. It would also make it easier to trade for the final season of his contract this summer, though arguably it would also make it easier to keep him.

Whether he can turn things around remains to be seen, but it’s clear that his head coach Daryl Sutter Every effort is being made to achieve this. Although Monahan has not finished in the top six recently, he is still the team’s top powerhouse and has been quite successful this season. Maybe he needs to put some marks on the man advantage to get back the field goal he’s had for years.

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