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The latest version of NHL Stat Corner covers the end of the week before the busy weekend schedule increases.Let’s see what’s amazing Calgary Flame Are doing dominance on both ends of the ice and the Florida Panthers and Toronto Maple Leafs at home. We also look at the performance of the recent Colorado avalanche, as well as a large number of player and team statistics and milestones around the NHL in the past two days.

The two ends of the ice burst into flames

The Fire is the first team to be eliminated 6 times in the first 17 games of the season since the Boston Bruins in the 1938-39 season. Jacob Markstrom became the 10th goalkeeper in NHL history to be eliminated five times in the first 13 games of the season. The last time this was done was in the 2007-08 season, Pascal Leclaire recorded 5 lockouts in 9 games. Markstrom’s five outs this season are related to his first 272 NHL games with the Panthers and the Vancouver Canucks. This is a huge change from last season. It seems that everyone has accepted the head coach Darryl Sartre’s system and defended well.

Jacob Markstrom, Calgary Flames (Amy Owen / Hockey writer)

But performance is not only rising in the defensive zone. Many players either broke out or rebounded during the season. Now is a good time to become a fan of flames. Andrew Manjapane is one of two players in team history who scored 11 goals in the team’s first 11 games this season. He joined Jerome Ikinla in the 2009-10 season. Manjapane led the NHL with 11 away goals. Oliver Kellington is one of three players who have scored in five consecutive games this season. Both players can be considered breakthrough candidates. We saw something like this in Mangiapane last year, but Kylington was a nice surprise.

Panthers are untouchable at home

The Panthers have the 20th longest home win streak in NHL history in 13 games. The last team to win so many titles was the Maple Leafs in 2018 (13). The Panthers’ previous home winning streak was 8 games in 2018. Despite losing their legendary coach and their captain Alexander Barkov earlier in the season, nothing seems to be able to slow down this team.

Spencer Knight made 45 saves as a rookie goalkeeper, breaking the team record. The previous mark was Markstrom’s 44 saves. This season, Sergei Bobrovsky (Sergei Bobrovsky) has attracted much attention because he finally proved that the big contract he signed is worthwhile. This in turn forced Knight to play a backseat role. But when he has a chance, he will definitely go all out to fight for the first place in Florida.

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Campbell makes it almost impossible for opponents to win in Toronto

Jack Campbell has won the most home wins in the first 20 games in Maple Leafs history (17). His record is 17-2-1, save rate is 0.932 (SV%), average number of goals is 1.90 (GAA), and he has 3 outs—— An incredible start His career with the Maple Leafs last season was as good as this year, as the team now has a record of 10-1 in the past 11 games after the early struggles. None of this happened to Campbell, because he was as solid as them this season, and as far as goalkeepers are concerned, he and Markstrom stand alone at the top of the list.

Jack Campbell Toronto Maple Leafs
Jack Campbell, Toronto Maple Leafs (Photo: Kevin Sousa/NHLI via Getty Images)

Morgan Riley This is the fourth time in his career that he has scored two goals in a game. After signing a $7.5 million average annual value (AAV) deal, Rielly will have to continue to play like Toronto’s first guard. The five members of the Maple Leafs team received a large portion of their salary, and if they didn’t want the fans to open them up, he and everyone else had to show their value. If things don’t go well, Toronto’s defense has a history of whipping boys.

Bruce’s Justin Fokker cemented names in American history books

Justin Fokker of the St. Louis Blues team played the 700th game of his career in the NHL.he is The 33rd U.S.-born player Play so many games.Although he has been very solid throughout his career, and the deal from the Carolina Hurricanes good results For him and the team, I don’t believe he will even be considered for the 2022 U.S. Olympic team. Scott Perunovich also recorded his first career point. The Blues fans are very excited about the young defender, especially after losing a genius like Vince Dunn in the expansion draft. Perunovich is the next young man. Hope he can stay.

Avalanche dominates opponents in a winning streak

this Colorado Avalanche Defeated his opponent 24-8 in a four-game winning streak. They defeated the Canucks 7-1 and 4-2, the San Jose Sharks 6-2, and the Seattle Sea Monsters 7-3 (“The Avalanche led 7-0 and defeated the NHL’s 32nd in Seattle. Teams”, Denver Post, November 19, 2021). The Avalanche led the league with four understaffed goals this season. Impressively, they did this without the best player Nathan McKinnon who was missing due to injury. Nazem Kadri’s performance this season did improve and was surprised, and Darcy Kuemper finally settled down after an unstable start to the season.

Darcy Kuemper, Colorado Avalanche
Darcy Kuemper, Colorado Avalanche (Photo by Michael Martin/NHLI via Getty Images)

Eric Johnson tied for fourth in team history, with 62 goals scored by the defensive team. He is tied with Rob Black and is only 13 goals away from Tyson Barry’s team leading by 75 goals. He has averaged 9.5 goals per 82 games throughout his career, so it is possible that his contract in Colorado has two years left.

Player and team data from the NHL


  • This is the first time in the history of the Las Vegas Golden Cavaliers to beat the Detroit Red Wings at home. The Red Wings were the first team to defeat the Golden Cavaliers in their first season. Nick Roy played the 100th game of his career.
  • Since the end of the Ottawa Senators (10-70-4) in 1992, the Krakens’ first season start (4-11-1) was the worst.


  • Sidney Crosby He is the 12th player in NHL history to win 1,000 points in 589 games.
  • This is the first time since 2010 that two players who have actively scored more than 15 games played on the same day. Conor McDavid and Troy Terry both extended their 15-game winning streak to 16 games, and they both scored in their respective games.
  • Clayton Keller became the 11th player in the history of the Arizona Coyote to reach 200 points in his career.
  • Barrett Haydn recorded the first two-goal match of his career.
  • Stewart Skinner became the fourth rookie goalkeeper in Edmonton Oilers history to have made at least 46 saves in a game.
  • Justin Danfoss of the Columbus Blue Jackets scored his first career goal.
  • Kyle Burroughs of the Canucks scored his first career goal.

Kraken is not what many people think they will be in their first season, and should look to the future soon. What McDavid and Terry did for their club helped them reach the top of the Pacific standings, which seems to be much earlier than expected. Over the years, Crosby has continued to thrive, and when the Penguins have the longest playoff winning streak, it helps to get close to the top of the list. Come back soon and stay up to date with all the latest player and team statistics and milestones. Until next time.

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