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Fire, Oil Man, Avalanche and Blues

In an interesting twist of events, this edition of the Weekly Lost and Found has us sticking to the Western Conference, with stops in the Midwest and Canada. Two fierce, bitter geographic and Pacific Division rivals find themselves in the same playing field. Meanwhile, the two central division rivals have combined for a combined 16 victories in 20 matches over the past 10 matches.

Weekly Lost and Found NHL (Hockey Writers) Trends

As the trade deadline approaches and the game’s importance increases, it will be interesting to see how certain question marks are answered or how an already thriving team is replenished. Weekly Lost and Found, 13th edition, let’s go.

Lost: Calgary Flames, Edmonton Oilers losses stack up

Flames have cooled after hot season begins

After a good start to the season and a great performance Lost and Found Weekly Third Edition, This flame Looks like going back to Earth. They have only won 3 of their last 10 games and have won 1 of 4 in the past week. They ended the week with a three-game losing streak.

They rank fifth in the NHL in goals scored but have conceded 16 goals in their three losses this week. Their only victory last week, beat the chicago blackhawks 5-1, possibly with an asterisk next to it. The Eagles’ 3.40 goals per game are seventh in the league.

The goalie has always been a bright spot.both Jacob Markstrom and Daniel Vladal had a strong season, but had a poor past week, splitting four starts. Despite the recent dip, the offense has been relatively effective. Four players have at least 12 goals and 21 points.

Jacob Markstrom Calgary Flames
Jacob Markstrom, Calgary Flames goalie (Amy Owen /hockey writer)

The source of consolation throughout the season is special teams. Their power play accounted for 21.4%, and they ranked in the top 10 in penalty shooting percentage with 83.7%. Although their early six-game winning streak has slowed, the performance of special teams like this and their strong goalkeeper should help them right the wrong way.

this team should It’s okay, you shouldn’t worry too much about this slide.This helps them to Seattle Kraken They have the fewest games in their division with 33 games, so depending on the schedule, they could have the upper hand for some time to come. They will play a solo game against the Ottawa Senators next week due to the COVID-19 delay.

Oilers are still struggling and need to turn things around soon

This oiler The last time I saw myself was a five-game losing streak in the ninth edition. Now, about a month later, the Oilers still haven’t figured it out. They have been winless in both games over the past week, conceding eight goals and scoring just three. They are now 2-6-2 in their last 10 games.

Say something, say something. They can’t rely on Connor McDavid, Leon Draisaitl and their top-notch power play to get them to the Promised Land. Currently, McDavid on COVID protocol, and while no one can really make up for the loss, the lack of depth on a team has grown even more superficial.

Conor McDavid Edmonton Oilers
Conor McDavid, captain of the Edmonton Oilers (Jess Starr/hockey writer)

To make matters worse, they have little to no salary cap flexibility to let players in and not let players go, which puts them in handcuffs. Front, New free agent Evan De Kane is someone they can try to bring in. But, arguably, a goalkeeper is the first thing they need. They have conceded 111 goals in 34 games this season. That’s 3.26 per game.

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COVID has hit them hard lately, and they will only play one of their four scheduled games this week.they’ll take that nasty senator team, who wants to come Enter Edmonton, set the Oilers on the wrong track.

Found: Colorado Avalanche, St. Louis Blues support zoning locations

Avalanche offense paves way for near-term success

Well, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve seen Kyle Macal Target. In case your rock doesn’t find the right channel, we’ll start with this section and revisit it. Just so disgusting.

Now that we’ve dealt with that business, avalanche scrolling. They’ve won four straight, every game for the past week. They have scored 20 goals and conceded 10 in these games. This season, they have scored 134 goals in 31 games, setting a league-high 4.32 goals. Despite a strong top 10 game, their penalty shooting percentage is a caveat as it is one of the worst in the league at 73.1 percent.

The goalkeeper’s performance isn’t great, but it’s more than enough considering the offensive firepower that backs it up. Darcy Cooper Most of the workload has been seen, and there are 2.77 goals-to-average (GAA) and 0.908 save percentage (SV%). Their stars have been doing their jobs, leading all the way, and their depth is enough.

Darcy Cooper, Colorado Avalanche
Darcy Kuemper, Colorado Avalanche goalie (Photo by Michael Martin/NHLI via Getty Images)

The team has attacking power; they just need to figure out their penalties and limit goals to continue climbing in their division. They haven’t recorded a lockout all year.They are four points behind No. 1 in the middle five The game is in hand, so they shouldn’t have to worry too much right now.

They’ll be flying a lot this week as they have four games in the pipeline. A home game against Seattle and then a trip to Nashville will be a good test for their division leaders. They will end the week with a home game against the Arizona Coyotes.

The Blues are second to none in the Central Division

Like our Avalanche part, we don’t want to bury the lede here. The Blues fell behind in the final minutes against the Dallas Stars on Sunday 9 January… more fun to watch than to read, so let’s take a look.

They went on a two-game winning streak last week at 2-1 and are 7-2-1 in their last 10 games. In those three games, they scored 10 goals and conceded seven, although five came from their loss to the Pittsburgh Penguins. Been crying lately.

The team’s offense was on full display, their 126 goals were fourth in the NHL, and they had five double-digit scorers. Their power play and penalty shootout were among the best in the league, and they used five different goalkeepers; four won.

Jordan Binnington undertake most of the workload, with Will Husso as a backup. Binnington has a 2.90 GAA and 0.910 SV% in 21 games, while Husso has better numbers in fewer games. In eight games, he has a 2.28 GAA and 0.931 SV%. They all have a closure.

Jordan Binnington St. Louis Blues
St. Louis Blues goalie Jordan BinningtonJess Starr/hockey writer)

The Blues will face two different extremes this week.At one end of the scale, you have Troubled Seattle Kraken Before facing the Toronto Maple Leafs. Both games will be in St. Louis and the Blues are 14-3-2.

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Going into this season, the Pacific Division looked like it would be the less competitive of the two in question, but it wasn’t. The two Alberta teams have far more to worry about in the near future than their Central counterparts. If they don’t correct it soon, the THW staff should have a lot to write about.

Sean Raggio was born for hockey. He will cover the Seattle Kraken and is the co-host of THW’s “What’s a Kraken.” Sean gained experience in writing for television, print and broadcast while studying journalism at Quinnipiac University and became an active member of the student media organization there.If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact Twitter! A link can be found at the bottom of his article, like this.

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