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FIFA 22 ratings: Cristiano Ronaldo, Bruno Fernandez and Manchester United’s best players announced

EA Sports has released the latest FIFA player scores released in October, the following is the Red Devils player scores

Manchester United is quickly becoming a force that cannot be ignored again in the Premier League, and will at least challenge the English championship again this season.

After signing Cristiano Ronaldo, Rafael Varane and Jayden Sancho in the summer, plus veteran stars such as Bruno Fernandez and Paul Pogba, Solskjaer’s men are expected Great achievements have been made.

So, what is the player rating of the Red Devils star in FIFA 22?be ahead of The game was released on October 1st, Target Have everything you need to know about how a player scores.

Chelsea FIFA 22 player ratings

player Location FIFA 22 ratings
Cristiano Ronaldo Yingshi 91
Bruno Fernandez Camera 88
Paul Pogba centimeter 87
Jaden Sancho RM 87
Rafael Varane CB 86
Marcus Rashford LM 85
Edinson Cavani Yingshi 85
Harry Maguire CB 84
David De Gea GK 84
Luke Shaw lb 84
Aaron Wan-Bissaka RB 83
Alex lb 82
Donny Van der Baker centimeter 81
Anthony Martial Yingshi 81
Fred Clean development mechanism 81

As many predicted, Cristiano Ronaldo topped the list with 91 points, followed by star attacking midfielder and Portuguese teammate Bruno Fernandez with 88 points.

Pogba and Sancho scored 87 points, followed by the new central defender Varane with 86 points.

FIFA’s favorite Marcus Rashford is known for his speed and trickery in the game, with a rating of 85-the same as Edinson Cavani.

Harry Maguire, David De Gea and Luke Shaw all climbed to the top at the age of 84.