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FIFA 22 rating: Mbappe is at the top of the speed list due to 5* skill players revealed

The Paris Saint-Germain star found himself one of the fastest football players and one of the most tricky players in the new video game

Kylian Mbappe became the headline news of the FIFA 22 fastest player list, and the Paris Saint-Germain star is also on the five-star player list this year.

Mbappe is the fastest player in the latest version of the game, and he is also one of the nine players with the highest level of skill and action in the game.

So, who are these coveted players in FIFA 22?be ahead of The game was released on October 1st, Target Have everything you need to know.

The fastest FIFA 22 player

player Location FIFA 22 speed grade
Kylian Mbappé Yingshi 97
Adama Traore RW 96
Alfonso Davis lb 96
Daniel James RM 95
Ashraf Hakimi RB 95
Vinicius Nagao 95

George-Kevin Nkudu



Gerrit Holtman LM 94
Ismaila Thrall RW 94
Villa Sebastian RM 94
Musadiyabi Nagao 94
Rafa RM 94
Inaki Williams Yingshi 94
Frank Archerpon Nagao 94
Reina RM 94
Qianji Aijuk LM 94
Linton Miner RM 94
Kan Mori Takeshi RM 94

Cover star Mbappe found himself to be the fastest player in the game, scoring an astonishing 97 speed. Followed by Wolves star Traore and Bayern Munich’s speed master Davis with a speed of 96, while James, Hakimi and Vinicius all have a speed of 95.

FIFA 22 fastest embed

Five-star skills

player Location FIFA 22 ratings
Kylian Mbappé Yingshi 91
Neymar Nagao 91
Cristiano Ronaldo Yingshi 91
Angel Di Maria RW 87
Paul Pogba centimeter 87
Riad Mahrez RW 86
Tiago centimeter 86
Hakim Ziyeh RW 85
Joao Felix CF 83

Mbappé joined the five-star skills club with Paris Saint-Germain teammates Neymar and Di Maria, and Manchester United stars Ronaldo and Pogba also participated.

In the Premier League, there are Manchester City’s Mahrez, Liverpool’s Thiago and Chelsea’s Ziyeh. Atletico Madrid star Felix is ​​also one of the top players in the game.

FIFA 22 Skill Embedding

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