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Failure of ashes equipment triggers Stokes off-ball controversy

In Thursday’s opening ceremony Ash Test, England’s Ben Stokes rejected the goal in his first game, which resulted in the third referee’s inability to check the front foot every time it was delivered.

Stokes completed his first test for the fourth time in more than nine months, beating David Warner, but when the TV replay showed that the bowler’s forefoot had fallen in front of the return crease line, this The Australian received a suspended sentence. Television footage showed that he had shot off the ball in three previous games at Gabba Stadium in Brisbane, but the all-around player could not correct his approach because they were not called.

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According to the regulations of the International Cricket Council (ICC), the third referee of the World Test Championship should check whether there is a ball in every pitch.

The broadcaster later reported that the equipment used by the third referee to check the front foot had malfunctioned and the officials had reverted to the protocol used before the technology existed. Unless the equipment can be repaired or replaced, the referee on the field will call it off the ball when it sees it, but the position of the front foot will only be checked by the third referee after the wicket falls.

ICC officials could not be immediately contacted for comment.

Stokes was late after taking a break to focus on his mental health. He was 51 points behind to join the England team in Australia, but continued to score 118 points after his suspended sentence. Australia won the series 5-0.

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