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England’s Morgan is not sure whether to participate in the 2023 ODI World Cup

The 35-year-old England captain Eoin Morgan is expected to participate in the 2020 World Cup next year, but he is not sure whether he will become part of the team’s defending champion in the 50-a-side World Cup in 2023.

Morgan will lead England to participate in the T20 World Cup in the UAE and Oman this year. The team will face the defending champion West Indies in the tournament opener in Dubai on Saturday.

The next T20 World Cup will be held in Australia next year, followed by a one-day world exhibition in India in 2023.

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England won more than 50 titles for the first time in 2019, when Morgan led the team to beat New Zealand in an unforgettable final at Rod Stadium.

Morgan told the BBC on Thursday: “This time next year, of course I will see myself playing a really important role in another T20 World Cup, I hope so.”

“This is my expectation of myself.

“I’m not sure about the other two (tournaments). Obviously, the result determines how often you perform and maintain. But what is certain is that my desire and determination are as strong as ever.”

Morgan played 243 single-day matches and 102 T20 matches for England.

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