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England’s Joss Butler goes home with broken finger

England’s Joss Butler will return to his hometown to end a tough Ashes journey as a 57-Test-capped goalkeeper batsman with a broken finger.

England management says after seeing visitors’ fourth Test end in dramatic fashion stick to a draw At the Sydney Cricket Ground on Sunday, Butler “broken his left index finger” and will go home on Monday for further assessment and treatment.

“It’s a pretty serious injury, and the fact that he was able to get up and play like he has from that moment shows how much he cares,” said captain Jorut after the fourth Test. “It shows what playing in this Test team means for him and what it means for him to play for England.”

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With Butler unable to put on the gloves, his obvious replacement Jonny Bairstow also faltered, hurting his thumb in England’s first innings to score a century, meaning Olipop was chosen as the visiting team off the bench. wilder.

Pope lost his spot to Bairstow in the batting order and was out of the starting lineup in the fourth Test.

England say Bairstow will travel to Hobart with the Tour team for a fifth Test from Friday, with his thumb injury due to be assessed later in the week.

England have also called limited-season specialist wicketkeeper Sam Billings Enter the squad as cover For Bairstow and Butler.

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