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England withdraw from Pakistan tour

Three days after New Zealand abandoned the white ball series held in South Asian countries for safety reasons, England canceled the men’s and women’s tournament next month against Pakistan on Monday.

The England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) decided to withdraw after deliberating over the weekend, withdrawing from the country’s first visit to Pakistan since 2005.

The European Central Bank said in a statement: “The European Central Bank’s board of directors held a meeting this weekend to discuss these additional England women’s and men’s games in Pakistan. We can confirm that the board of directors has reluctantly decided to remove the two teams from 10 Withdraw during the month’s itinerary.”

It added: “The physical and mental health of our players and support staff remains our top priority, which is even more important considering the era we are in.


NZC is confident to find opportunities for the abandoned white ball series against Pakistan

“We know that people are increasingly worried about traveling to the region, and believe that continuing will put further pressure on gaming teams that have been operating in a restricted Covid environment for a long time.”

A few minutes before their first game in Rawalpindi on Friday, New Zealand withdrew from the limited time tour against Pakistan Because their government issued a “security alert”-this decision was a setback for the host country. Since the terrorist attack on the Sri Lanka team bus in 2009, the host country has not seen too many international cricket matches.

This development is bound to have an impact on England’s scheduled national tour.

“As part of the male future travel plan in 2022, the European Central Bank has long been committed to visiting Pakistan.

The European Central Bank said: “Earlier this year, we agreed to hold two additional T20 World Cup warm-up matches in Pakistan in October, adding a short women’s double-headed match to the men’s match.”

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“Our men’s T20 lineup adds complexity. We believe that conducting a tour under these conditions is not preparing for the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup, where outstanding performance remains the top priority in 2021.”

The England men’s team was originally scheduled for back-to-back T20 international matches on October 13th and 14th as part of their preparations for the World Cup starting next week in the UAE, while the women’s team plans to compete in two T20 international matches. . And three ODIs.

The European Central Bank further stated: “We understand that this decision will disappoint PCB. PCB has been making unremitting efforts to host international cricket matches in its own country.


New Zealand players arrive in Dubai after “specified and credible threats” derailed the Pakistan tour

“Their support for cricket in England and Wales over the past two summers is a great expression of friendship. We apologize for the impact this will have on Pakistan’s cricket sport and emphasize our main tour plan there in 2022. The continued commitment of the European Central Bank.” Ramiz Raja, the new chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Committee (PCB), was disappointed by the decision of the European Central Bank.

“Disappointed with England, gave up their promises and failed their cricket brotherhood members when they needed it most. We will live, we will inshallah. Wake up the Pak team to become the best team in the world, Let the teams line up and play with them without making excuses,” Raja wrote on Twitter.

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