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ENG vs IND: As the focus shifts to IPL, the fate of the series is still uncertain

One day, when Indian Pacers were bowling at the James Anderson Stadium at Old Trafford, they were always thinking about delivering the goods at the right place, but most of them — and their teams in India and England Some of my colleagues-instead expect a safe place for their flight to the UAE to land.

This is the era in which the world has been living.Thanks to COVID-19 related issues-fear, outbreak, do your best-the fifth tempting test of the series between India and England got canceled There are less than two hours before the scheduled game on Thursday.

So what will happen to this series? India leads 2-1 after the fourth test. Did Corley’s Cavaliers end England’s 14-year-old itch? Or did India admit this game to balance the series? Or the series has been suspended and the game is scheduled to take place next year? What will happen to the World Test Championship points table now?

What will happen to this series?

The series has been suspended for more than 24 hours, but cricket fans will have to wait longer to know the fate of the series. As of now, the status of the series is unclear, and only a few possibilities can be discussed.

The England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) amended its statement immediately after announcing that India agreed to abandon the game, stating: “Due to concerns about the further increase in the number of COVID cases in the camp, it is regrettable that India cannot form a team.” On the other hand, BCCI stated that the two boards “have jointly decided to cancel” the test.

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The cancellation time-IPL plans to resume within a week-coupled with BCCI’s best efforts to reduce the series to four tests to fit the IPL window, this has also triggered people to prioritize whether IPL is a test game at the expense of .

The fact remains that because the four support staff in India contracted COVID-19 in less than a week, the Indian task force, especially those traveling with their families, was reluctant to go to the battlefield and risk the spread of the virus.

BCCI support

As a result, the series is over, but we don’t know the result. Unless BCCI and ECB jointly determine the fate of the fifth test-whether it is abandoned or confiscated-the International Cricket Council will have to rule this issue and award World Trade Center points accordingly.

BCCI and the European Central Bank have been negotiating a compensation plan for the main board. As the losses may exceed Rs 3 billion and the European Central Bank is uncertain whether its insurance claims will be resolved due to COVID-related cancellations, BCCI has assured one of its ally in global cricket politics of its full support.

However, for fans, the wait continues. Although enthusiasts and connoisseurs continue to discuss whether India won the series, most Indian cricketers in England want the coronavirus to stay away because they began another week of quarantine before entering the IPL biosecurity bubble.

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